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A Hungry Ghosts cult or an open, honest exploration?

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A Hungry Ghosts cult or an open, honest exploration?
PostPosted: November 17th, 2020, 1:44 pm
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Hello Everyone.

In these especially troubled, global times, I ask everyone who comes to read here to ask themselves this one question... "How do I identify and decide if what is on this site represents a Hungry Ghosts cult, or represents a free, genuine method as a framework for personal self exploration, examination, and organized learning?"

Hungry Ghosts is actually the title of a book that is very informative of the perils involved in our "unaware" explorations of inward reality, most acutely when we are vulnerable and seeking help. Very much like everything and anything in life...

Personally, when I began this work of learning how to become an Inward Listener, I had one clear rule -- one clear criterion for my own involvement with this Material. My "Bottom Line" for my own involvement was whether or not it supported my personal responsibility and freedom-of-choice in practical ways, aiding my life, everyone's life, the life this planet, and my whole concept of Life itself? At every step on this exploration into better understanding my self as the intelligent, creative power directing my individual selfhood and self learning, I asked my self, "does this proposition (of Inward Learning and Listening) represent my inalienable right to choose my individual self actualization, within a reasonable, current, legitimate framework of my own power; does this venture support my right to choose my own human existence of specific manifest expression and experience?". Long before I ever chose these efforts, I had concluded that Life/It is always about power and how any of us chooses to use our individual power, within our lives.

Here is a great article about the above questions... ... ket-newtab I hope each person who comes to read here explores their own ideas/opinions about my motives in offering this material. I also hope you'll include questioning your own motives for reading this introductory material offered here.

Take care, Stay Safe, and Be Well, in all ways.
Best Regards.

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