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Cruising the blogs, and Interesting People...

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Cruising the blogs, and Interesting People...
PostPosted: August 10th, 2006, 3:23 pm
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Hi out there/in here,

A few day ago I took a minute to go cruising the blogs, and when I saw a blog named "Interesting People" it instantly made me laugh as it sent me thinking back to one of my first remembered "life goals". As a child, I remember seeing, on The Art Linkletter Show, a little boy being asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. (':P' - wow am I dating my self here!!!)

No one had ever ask me that question. From the literal interpretation of a child's mind, I remember feeling quite indignant at the suggestion that I was supposed to "be" anything other than what I was. I couldn't quite make sense of such an expectation, for I already was something - I was my self - and why should I need to be something else - what else was there?! However, I did try to see if there was something else I wanted to be when I grew up. The only answer I could come up with was that I wanted to be an "interesting person". It never occurred to me that this was a strange idea for a child, or an even stranger aim for a child in my dire circumstances.

So here I am 50 some years later, and this notion of being an interesting person is still part of my continuing aim of growing into myself through self-development. In a certain way, I will never really know the measure of my success with this intention, for how interesting I am is an opinion, a preference, a judgment for other people to determine from their own point of reference. But somewhere along the early years that quest to be considered interesting to others morphed into the pursuit of becoming an interesting person to my self; since this was the only answer (outcome) that I could be operationally responsible for.

Of course, this whole identity-issue is the central life-lesson in Speaker Material's theory of Self-to-self. The conceptual learning that leads us inward through the value systems of our individual self hood to examine self-worth, significance, and merit, as attributes of our identity, is crucial. Such learning needs be understood and advanced because it is such a vital aspect-of-method, if our learning's goal is "real" enlightenment. Without focusing our learning into the knowledge that gives us clearer pictures of self reality, how will we develop clearer pictures of our larger reality of relatedness to others and our shared world?

Without the concept that says I am worth my own self-interest, self-development and self-knowledge, how will my-reality-as-experience reflect this? If I don't attribute these values to myself and then practice them, then why should anyone else choose to believe these values/attributes about me - and practice them, as the foundation of mutual interaction? This has to do with essential credibility, from every angle, as these sorts of explorations of self-to-Self hood are the "binding thread" of the Speaker Material.

From the Speaker Material's point of view, without the recognition that our power of choice is the nexus of human identity, then we have no conceptual paths into our own power of creation. For to identify ourselves through our choice-toward-development, is to enact the route of human enlightenment; and without both the internal and the external activities that identify us as enlightened human Beings, then we will be hard pressed to create/recreate an enlightened reality to live in. (Of course this is paraphrasing Speaker Material.)

Within the conceptual expanse of the Self-to-self theory is the personal doorway, the opening, the entry into individual learning that is the root of personal development as self-to-Self thinking. Within our self is our power to make the choices that can lead us toward our own unique grasp of both personal and global fulfillment, and enlightenment.
And it is only through this grasp, through this understanding, through this knowledge that we can take the mirrored action - the action that is to accurately create - and arrive at a changed human reality.

What we choose, and why we choose, is what makes each of interesting - to ourselves and to each other. I still can't think of another choice for what I want to be when I grow up...

Lots of Love,
Spinfo (aka Ruth)

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