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When do we learn how to see what we look at?

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When do we learn how to see what we look at?
PostPosted: August 23rd, 2006, 10:26 am
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Hello everyone :D

To see only a surface view of facts, as opposed to understanding from a deeper view, is a choice we make about seeing what we look at. To develop our ability to see more than only a surface-sight, is to learn to utilize the multi-angles of our experience.

To think, believe, and say we are an understanding person, means something more than just registering our choice to define ourselves thus-and-so. Understanding people are people who have developed their ability to understand - and practice understanding!

Just because we "think", or "believe", something specific, doesn't mean we're involved in accurately actualizing it. For, as surface thinking, we may know that it is the marriage of thought-to-action that defines our experiences; but if we don't supply the power of our thinking with the action that completes the circuit of thought to its outcome, then we've only completed half of the self-and-Self circuitry. It's as though we turned on the power but forgot to hit the light switch.

Most of us do this, at least sometimes. It is often easy to think about something but hard to take the actions that represent that thinking. We often see the surface situation of facts, or register the actual conditions or circumstances of things, without supplying the actions (both internal and external) that represent our relationship to those things. To supply the actions of mind, consciousness, and heart, that reach out to others and in to ourselves, is to clearly relate our thinking both to our actions - and through our actions. When we directly relate our definitions of self-identity to our experiences as self-identity, we empower ourselves from the inside out.

In personal ways, I've been banging into this idea a lot lately; seeing, or knowing the facts about situations, registering the surface knowledge about what others are experiencing, yet not always taking any sort of action to define my position within these relational realities. Whether it's as simple as speaking the words that let another know we care and are willing to help, or saying nothing, and perhaps conveying an opposite interpretation to them, we are actualizing the meaning of our power of choice; and clear intention and communication, are also choices.

The relationship between what we say and what we do is often mysterious to us.
Of course, that doesn't mean we need to become consumed with understanding this linkage or relatedness. (I had a wise friend who used to say to me "pick your battles" - and that's its own big lesson to learn.) In Speaker Material's Self-to-self philosophy, it is vital that our power of choice includes our decision to develop our awareness of how we support, or undermine, our identity. Through the invisible film of our daily activities, through our intimate thinking, feeling, and beliefs, we decide if we will develop our understanding of self-nature via our choices, as we match, or mismatch the operational specifics that we decide represent our self-nature; we identify our self-and-Self through our self's actions.

To make the effort to see how we invoke or evade our power, is to decide if we will complete the circuitry of our Self-to-self power patterns. Occasionally, to stop and ask ourselves if we are seeing only the surface of our reality, or if we are choosing to see more, will give us some pretty clear in-sights into how we are formulating our identity, and how we are powering our ability to create.

To spend our days frustrated by life, struggling to get where we are trying to go, is an experience aimed (Self-to-self) at opening our awareness about our choices; our choices to develop our own ability to be aware! (Or to "be" whatever it is we say we are.) The bottom line of all experience (from the Self-to-self point of view) is about our concepts of personal identity as the empowerment of ourselves. If we are actualizing/enacting conceptual contradictions by mismatching what we think with what we say, and what we feel with what we do; and then further short-circuiting the connection between thought-action-creation with a fundamental misunderstanding of our own beliefs as the director of this process, then it is little wonder our creative circuitry feels as if it is being frustrated and constantly torn apart - it is!

If I'm feeling distraught, feeling as if I'm living in a crazy world, maybe that feeling does represent a certain truth - maybe that feeling comes from many personal involvements/connections to situations and people, constantly creating/actualizing contradictions; or maybe we are not seeing beyond our own surface, that this is what we've been doing. As the intention to build self-fulfilling lives, the understanding that we are our own self-fulfilling prophecies, takes on a new meaning when viewed from this angle of identity and contradiction - whether it's personal identity, the identity of others, or the identity of humanity, as the sum of both.

When George, (Love of my life that he is), began the Speaker Material with me a life-time-ago, he would sometimes remind me that most of us don't have the time in our fast-paced lives, to "study" or learn-in-depth about these concepts of the Self-to-self creation of our lives. He's right to a large degree, and I try to never lose sight of the privilege I've had to pursue the Speaker Material as my core life experiences and expression. The Speaker Material itself has addressed this issue of how time, and its relevance to our real-world lives, cannot be ignored in our deeper quests; and how the learning that is life, is what the Speaker Material tries to help each of us with. But it's often hard to see the solution to this problem of time-to-learn, when we are experiencing it!

Yet, these problems answer themselves in a certain way as we make the effort of inward learning; for through trying to understand the Self-to-self concepts we can come to grasp how our daily experiences of living already are an actualized shorthand, of Self-to-self consciousness. As we make a conscious effort, no matter how small, it multiplies itself inwardly and our learning expands as an experience of simultaneous, layered time. Many of us know this and use this "fact of our experience", in highly creative ways. This is an interwoven theme of the Speaker Material.

So kudos to every person who is making this effort to explore their identity of Self-to-self, as this identity becomes built into the experienced realities of personal relationships and into our view of how we fit into, and relate, to the rest of our world.

So, "see" you "later" (excuse the double pun here!)


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