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Creator-ship run aground...

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Creator-ship run aground...
PostPosted: September 7th, 2006, 7:26 pm
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Hi Everybody,

Even with so much global warfare continually erupting, the inward perspectives on Peace that so many of us are involved with are still "officially" discredited and routinely made irrelevant to serious political and social discussion.

Many of us concerned with the complete social scope of war, realize that any understanding of the "Roots of Peace" (as an antidote to war's violence and degeneration), will have to begin within our own thinking. For we know that conflict resolution begins within our mental ability to conceptualize--within our ability to convert ideas into actions--our ability to see the mental beliefs that produce physical activity.

For those of us concerned with violence of every brand on every scale, we often find our inward perspectives flippantly dismissed as if they produce an illegitimate, lesser kind of knowledge. Many of us have a well thought-out understanding of how the inward conceptual-core of human identity is still most often defined as dominative force; and we see how this conceptual pattern of domination has been turned outward, into actualized aggression and destruction of every sort, everywhere in our world.

The actualization that is Peace, is as equally a creation-of-concept, as the actualization that is War. I believe that our integral actions-of-mind that identify or characterize us as Human Beings, are the synthesis of transcendent, intellectual, psychic-spiritual energy processes. The perpetual mental motion of our thought-belief projections is the agency, the mental power--the method that we each use to enact our ideas ceaselessly into our daily life. And these natural "actions-of-mind" are the same method used to create both Peace and War, harmony and violence--individually and globally. So to understand the conceptual mind-processes that lead to one, is to have the map that leads to the other.

Human reality is forged from the primal imperative to create--from our human experiences as Life creative-energy. To my mind, the roots of Peace and War, prosperity and poverty, progress and decline, all arise from our identity of creative energy, which endows us with our ability to create; and our power of choice is how we use our ability to enact our identity. Our power-of-choice defines our abilities and directs what we create into our reality--as both personal and global experiences.

Our power-of-choice, seen as the primeval directive of every human experience, is by no means a new idea, anymore than identity as a construct of choice, is a new, novel notion. To acknowledge our ability to create as the process of self-actualization is to recognize humanity's common identity, common nature, and common experience of mental-emotional and physical existence. To acknowledge our partnered energy-architecture, as the concept of Self-to-self, is to acknowledge a common meaning to all life within our universal ability to actualize the psyche-spirit (psychic-spiritual) pattern of energy we each are, that is life.

To clearly comprehend our primordial power-of-choice, is to clearly comprehend our own nature as the ability to make choices. And Peace is as equally a choice for human life, as War is.

Granted, consensus in defining our human nature as a creative power rather than a destructive force, may seem like a simplistic naivety; an inane idealism; a sheer impossibility without relevance to the global issues of Peace and War. Yet what does the current creation of global violence and all of its ramifications represent, if not an actualized truth about the human power of choice?

That we continue to choose to ignore our own physical facts and the responsibility of our identity of Creator-ship by demonstrating a mindless contradictive powerlessness to choose otherwise--this does not negate the truth about our power-of-choice. That we continue to experience dominative violence and aggression personally and globally--this does not make domination, violence, or aggression the truth of anything--except as these are the proofs of our own creative ability. The truth of our Creator-ship is the truth about our power of choice to create--anything!

Speaker Material's Self-to-self psychological breadth explores our concepts of Self-to-self identity concerned with how we define and construct our mind's conceptual patterns to form our Human Identity. This theory of Self-to-self identity posits that the specifics of personal and global Human identity that we each define and construct, act as a blueprint to define and construct the reality we produce into experience. This "produced" reality is the manifest experience of the individual ideas joined to the collective beliefs, to create Humanity's Human Reality.

That "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink", is a particular point in our creative learning that we all eventually run into. To recognize this truism as our inviolable, Self-to-self creative nature - is a choice we make about how we understand our Human Nature of human power--or how we have misunderstood our Human Nature.

To acknowledge our own Creator-ship, is to make that choice to learn, personally, to understand... and what we choose is what we get. Contradiction or consensus... evolution or devolution... life or death. For Life is, after all, a game of truth and consequences.

"Now, would you like that stirred or shaken?" asked the Genie from Life's bottle.

(My own views here are not unaccounted for, since they are the culmination of my personal, mindful enterprise of conceptual re-patterning, which is formulated out of the last two decades of my work on the Self-to-self/Speaker Material.)

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