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I have a question...

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I have a question...
PostPosted: January 17th, 2007, 7:28 pm
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Happy New Year and hello to everyone!

Much has happened for me over these last couple of months - just as it surely has for each of us - and I'm wondering if anyone has thought about how our inward learning and conversations just keep ticking along regardless of how immersed we are in exterior activities? Indeed, generally, the more active we are on the outside the more active we actually are on the inside, even though we might think we just don't have time to be inwardly listening, doing any inward learning!

Naturally, this seeming discrepancy between how we think things are and how they actually are, is not more than a matter of focus, awareness, understanding, investigating ... This process of inward listening can be rather like the "picture-in-picture" feature of television - multi-tasking marvelous!

My question for anyone reading this is, "do you believe that learning how to create your personal ""happiness"" is the meaning of and purpose of understanding the concept of creating reality?"

It seems I go through periods where I keep banging into certain ideas from a multitude of diverse experiences - and I basically believe that this is my Self trying to get me to pay attention to these ideas because there is something within them that will help me move forward with my learning. I might think I fully understand a certain point or particular information, yet it's as if I'm not quite recognizing that there is a link between certain concepts I think I understand already and the quest for new information and learning. It sometimes seems I can't move forward with new exploration - new learning - until I pay attention to something I think isn't really related to my new proposition; and my Self is asking me to revisit an idea, check and double check it from this new angle I'm looking from. Perhaps others have had this same experience?

I hope that someone will bring their own views about the meanings and reasons that we are being asked (through Speaker Material and through many other forms of learning), to personally examine the concept and the purpose for our ability to "create". At the very least, this query is a wonderful knock at the door of Self-to-self, if we are seriously interested in our inward learning toward progressive enlightenment. Perhaps the only caveat to our door knocking is that sometimes one question opens into a multitude of questions - and that is the real answer to our asking in the first place!

See you later,

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