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What did you say? What do you mean?...

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What did you say? What do you mean?...
PostPosted: February 6th, 2007, 7:39 pm
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Hi everyone,

I hope, in your Self-to-self communicating, each of you is gaining an ever clearer sense of direction in creating what's important in your life and your world.

Today, as I wrote a note to someone dear to me, I was thinking about creating with clarity. I found I was asking myself what I thought was most important to convey - what did I want to tell them and how could I most clearly express it? I wrote a verse to express how (when I was a child in a dire situation) this person's kindness meant more to me than they probably ever realized.

I wrote:

Your kindness once given -
A lesson well taught,
A gift everlasting -
never forgot.

Both kindness and clarity grow from the kind of self-to-Self relationship we develop; for this relationship is our first classroom-of-learning about how to most clearly convey our truest values as the foundation of "creating" our reality. If we cannot understand how to interact in a clear and meaningful manner between our interior spiritual-psychic selfhood and our external/human selfhood, then we will surely have trouble doing so with our other interactions.

Speaker Material examines and explores this idea of clarification as a method of its own in the multifaceted enterprises of our creativity. Clarifying, bringing clarity to the subject-at-hand, is explored as a method that can be used for expressing the inward values that we first form through our thinking-feelings-beliefs, and then send outward, into our daily lives experiences. Whether we're asking about a specific instance (the ducks-and-geese of a particular situation, such as I was doing when writing my note); or looking at the larger effort to express our own unique vision of life-and-world through our interactions with others in the daily dance of creative reflection, how do we clearly express ourselves? How do we accurately convey - act, speak, show, communicate, what we mean and what is important to us as the foundation of our own reality?

Speaker Material offers us a useful framework for our thinking about clarity; it helps us find our own best way to organize our questions so that we get our own clearest answers. Speaker Material affords us an outline of reasoning, examining, and thinking-through, as a logical set of queries, as a formula that helps us clarify our efforts toward actualizing our choices. Speaker Material examines the meaning and value of clarity in our efforts to create the lives we want; it helps us develop our own basic approach as our own simple, effective methodology to achieve ever clearer creating -- no matter what specific context or exact particulars we are trying to clarify and create.

We are each looking for our own answers. We are all seeking our own path towards clear expression of our selfhood manifest into the reality of our experiences. No one can give us the exact information, show us the individually precise path, tell us our particular, personally perfect methods for creating, but our Self.

Knowing that, it can still be helpful to understand how to make (and follow) a plan - much the same as making a study plan, or a lesson plan, or drawing a blueprint as a framework to effectively shape our inquiries/questions/learning and creating, toward our goals. Speaker Material is about the activities of "mind-and-spirit" that we use to make a plan or set our path toward learning how to "create" accurately, and then apply that learning effectively.

Creating our lives, our reality, our selfhood, is not so very much different than creating any specific we can think of. There are lots of individual actions or steps, and we each get to choose those actions/steps that best suit us. Yet there is a general outline (method) that most effectively helps us toward our chosen goals. I have a friend just starting to learn about using computers, and such learning is a good example of how there are lots of ways to do something - get where we want to go - but there are some ways that are quicker, easier, less confusing... Learning to create a meaningful life is the same sort of process.

A comment I often hear when someone first looks at Speaker Material, is "I can't/don't understand this". To my thinking - that is the point. When I first tried to learn how to use my computer I said the same thing - I can't/don't understand this! Yet, when I looked at the larger picture as a general outline of how a computer works, I had a framework for my thinking/learning; a framework that let me break my learning down into its various specifics, components, tasks, subjects, and then fit each lesson back together into that larger goal of my education, so that I could understand (at least the basics) as a starting point, how to use my computer.

Learning how to create lives of meaning and value for ourselves, and then sharing those lives with others in mutually meaningful and valuable ways, is no more of a challenge than any of the efforts we make to learn anything. The fact that "we don't understand" when we try to learn something different or new, is not some sort of reason to close the door on ourselves, and close off the possibilities of creating a rich and rewarding life for ourselves. That we can't understand is not a stopping point but a beginning point! By breaking down our learning into specific segments so we can see each step and aren't overwhelmed, we fast realize that we can understand. I believe that each of us can understand our own creative power-processes, whether we are trying to understand how to create any specific goal into being, or how to create our lives as a unified, larger goal for our life-learning.

It is an amazing experience to work with someone (including ourselves!) who begins at "I don't get it" and ends at "Now I understand!". Maybe this is the ultimate power trip - where power shared, power engendered, power clearly, intelligently and wisely enacted, equals infinite power.

At any rate, to learn how to "be who you are" as a perfect reflection of the power of choice, is a lesson I hope I never stop learning; for to learn and discover how to clearly speak what I want to, into the reality of my life, is of a greater value to me than accepting confusion, chaos, mystification, muddle, tumult, turmoil and all those other creations, that have little to do with clearly saying what I really want to say - to anyone - including my Self.

Happy learning how to "clearly say what you want to say", and understanding the reach of this particular life-lesson.


Speaker Material is about being the Speaker of our own lives - and don't we all appreciate those who speak clearly!

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