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Are you relevant to yourself?

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Are you relevant to yourself?
PostPosted: February 26th, 2007, 1:22 pm
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Hello everyone.

The relevance of the Speaker Material to real people with real lives is an ongoing discussion in our house and with our friends. Just as everyone wants to share their passion for their own given interests with others of like mind, how to spark other's interest in The Speaker Material's theory of Self-to-self is always a question for me. Since we each are a self, and a Self, I think we are all of like mind as regards the theories of Self-to-self reality.

The "what's in it for me" question seems a self-evident issue, when it comes to deciding to explore Speaker Material. We are each the "what's in it" and we are each the "me" - understanding our own power to direct our lives experiences is always in our own self interest - or not, as we choose. One of the lessons I've learned through the years of working at this job of "Listening", is that the truth of things is exactly what it is - whether I like it or not, whether I agree with it or disagree with it, embrace it or reject it, whether I believe it or not. When that "only truth that I can know", resides within my intimate energy of selfhood, and my access to it is gifted me, guaranteed me, offered and afforded me through the choice of my effort to actively engage in my unique self-to-Self relationship, then my answer to the relevance of Speaker Material to my own real self in my own real life, seems obvious.

In Speaker Material, the multi-stranded weaving of major conceptual themes, or the connecting of fundamental convergent concepts concerning mind and spirit, activates or brings about the experience of self-relevance; the experience of our directed effort to understand our own inward nature and workings has an impact on us. Our learning creates change, even as a changed potential for change itself, no matter what we learn about. To choose, to direct, to engage our own processes of existence, is our only real power - and our only real access into the use of that power that is our own energy of creation.

I always wonder at questions of Speaker Material's relevance, for if I don't consider my Self relevant to my self (and vice versa) then why would anyone else consider me relevant - in any inclusive context? When we don't see ourselves as relevant - germane, important, pertinent participants in our own lives, then it is hard to see ourselves as meaningful in relation to anything else in this reality. It can be a startling lessons to come upon the realization that "it" (whatever "it" may be) doesn't purposefully, actively matter much, except and until it somehow matters to us personally. That's the point of relevance.

To ask if we are relevant to our own experiences, is to first ask if we matter to ourselves. Too often it seems that our lives, our experiences as they are intimately registered in the truths of our self-to-Self hood, are NOT considered important in the daily passage of our personal time called our "reality". Speaker Material says "IT" does matter - we matter, we count in the formulations of "reality"; for it is our reality and once we agree with this position, then there is no telling what such empowerment will produce - create, make real under our own direction. That too is a point of Speaker Material's relevance. When we are seeking wealth, power, success, happiness, ... what exactly is it that is relevant to who?


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