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Have you ever thought about your thinking?

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Have you ever thought about your thinking?
PostPosted: March 3rd, 2007, 7:31 pm
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Hi everyone.

Have you ever wondered where your own thoughts come from, or why or how your thinking "happens"? Most of us have had the experience of suddenly "catching" ourselves thinking about something specific, a person, event, view, idea; suddenly remembering a "forgotten" remark or conversation that comes to mind seemingly "out of the blue", quite unbidden.

Whether your thoughts are running through your head like a ticker tape, or floating to the surface of awareness when your mind has been "in neutral" (like daydreaming off on a tangent just beyond usual aware focus), do you ever wonder what your ability to think means? (Not what any given thoughts mean, but what the process of thinking means.)

In Self-to-self terms, our "just-below-the-surface" thinking, (sometimes called "processing"), is actually the self-to-Self interaction, exchanges/conversations at the heart of formulating our "general" reality of private experiences.

It is an interesting exploration (and a useful exercise) in self-to-Self awareness to try and trace back your own thinking. To follow one "topic-of-thought" backwards to find how you have linked it to the topic just before, tells us much about our intimately personal processes of creation.

To be aware of feeling happy or blue, loving or angry or any particular way at all, is to experience personal reality from our inside, out. The awareness of our emotions, (especially when we recognize they are triggered beyond only the conscious causes of daily activity and external interaction), is a kind of tracking of our inward creative energy as it moves outward to become our conscious view of registered experience. Such a focused look at our private mind's functioning can clearly show us our own involvement in the creation of our own experiences.

Lately, it seems I'm being asked from many quarters for a simple explanation of what Speaker Material is about. The first thing I ever "heard" as an inward comprehension (many years before beginning The Speaker Material), came to me in the midst of a personal turmoil, when I finally asked "what is the real problem here?". The answer, from my "Self", was that the problem was that I didn't know "how to think" about the problem! It was the lack of a "framework" for my thinking, that had me stymied. Though it took some years of my own effort of thinking-about-thinking (as a focused exploration of this idea), this primary question and its answer opened my path and led me to the experiences that became The Speaker Material.

Speaker Material is about developing a "framework" for our thinking. That framework is the concept of Self-to-self, where our personal mind is understood as the connection between our consciously directed thinking and manifest self-experiences, and our less-conscious, intuitive and emotional, inward psychic-spiritual Self-experiences.

The organizing idea of Self-to-self as being the active structuring of our thought processes, gives us a framework for those thought process - a framework for understanding our own thinking. This framework for our thinking ultimately defines our ability to create, through delimiting, demarcating through identifying the activity (experiences of the action) of our own mind. To understand the framework we use to think, is to understand how we create our own reality of experiences; and to practice this understanding, using it as the foundation for our actions, is to design our own living, direct our own evolution and experience our own enlightenment; to express our consciousness as a real or manifest reality.

Self-to-self, is about our personal experiences as "the life we live", and about how that life is a constant "work in progress" as a conjoined experience we call the "reality" of our world. When we say that we want to understand ourselves and our reality, experience enlightenment, learn about how we create the lives we live, yet we never question our own experiences of "the life we live", what conclusion can we draw?

I'm often reminded (through Speaker Material) that the challenge of "understanding" anything begins within our thinking. To ask ourselves these sorts of questions can lead us to learn something about ourselves, about our own beliefs, our own ideas, the current state of our own understanding of mind-and-self-and-Self. If we never ask ourselves such questions about our own experiences, then this fact tells us something as well.

What is it we seek, what is it we want to know, what is it we are trying to understand? What is it we will need to challenge, if we are ever to experience enlightened reality? What questions are we asking? What do you think about your thinking? Could our lives be the manifest answer to our questions?


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