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And The Secret is...

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And The Secret is...
PostPosted: March 25th, 2007, 8:03 pm
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Hello everyone:

Lately, there is a particular book that is "going around", promising to tell us "The Secret to Life". As much as the information in this, and other such books, is perhaps new to some people, for those involved in long-term serious pursuit of inward learning, it can be disheartening to see yet another piecemeal approach to enlightenment being presented as if it tells us the whole of the story. I've heard similar opinions of this particular book from friends and even in internet reviews. However, specific opinions, (mine or yours), are not the focus of this discussion.

The point here is that it's often just such triggers as reading through yet another hyped version of "The Secret to Life", that can fire us to clearly explain what we're seeking from such books, and help us better understand our own reasons for our opinions. Anything that leads us to examine our own thinking as the underpinning of our judgments, and informs us more accurately about our aims and expectations for our learning's journey, has served us well. I'm always happy to surprise myself with the discovery of new self-information.

Sometimes, in light of the promises that these sorts of books make, I succumb to a fleeting bout of hopelessness for a grass roots acceptance of The Speaker Material; feeling that perhaps there is no one interested, inwardly-listening, seeking the sorts of Self-to-self answers that the Speaker Material offers. Yet, when I speak about the goal, aim, purpose and intent of Speaker Material, I do find people who agree with its different point of view concerning the roots of our reality and the redirecting of our future; I'm even often delighted to see a genuine interest from others in these ideas, along with a grasp that the world's problems need original thinking and a comprehensive approach, if humanity is to find its solutions, to survive, and to thrive.

Perhaps I began the inward learning that led to Speaker Material in rebellion to the kinds of "help" that took me only so-far, before concluding that I really didn't need to know anything beyond their particular "Secret". The decree of "believe, and it shall be!" was all I was supposed to need, to understand my life; and that a theory "works" (as so many testimonials verify), was supposed to be enough proof for me to embrace it wholly as the indisputable answer to the how's, what's and why's of my life/reality. If I wanted something more, then I was simply over-thinking or obsessing, or my objections were just "semantics",or "negativity", or any of the multitude of dismissive judgments that anyone intent on pushing the limits of their knowledge, eventually runs into. I'm quite sure there are others who have also been down that particular road of learning.

To look from this other-side of the great gorge of idle hope (since there is nothing idle about the passionate pursuit of inward knowledge), has afforded me as breathtaking a view of ordinary reality, as it has of supra-ordinary reality; and I'm so thankful I never settled for those other views that were bounded by the limited beliefs of all those promises to tell me "The secret to life". It is surely nice to know exactly what I am most grateful for in this life.

I do not dispute the importance of any of our puzzle pieces as we strive to comprehend the fuller, clearer picture of our reality. I believe everything has an answer; and half-an-answer, is not it. Of course if we are willing to only ask half-a-question then we may never even discover there is more to the picture of life, world, reality and the meaning of self-hood than any single puzzle piece can show us.

A friend once remarked, in a discussion about a particular Speaker Material concept, "... it's just that simple and just that complicated". So here is to everyone who is not concerned with knowing other's secrets because they are too busy learning how to discover their own!

'till later,

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