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Life's surprises...

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Life's surprises...
PostPosted: June 30th, 2007, 11:17 am
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Hi everyone,

Lately, it seems that my-Self is reminding myself that there is a deeper design to life than only my self’s surface-focus of daily experiences. It is so easy to overlook this knowledge when we are immersed in the routines of living that use the almost invisible habits of thinking that drive our equally, almost invisible habits of creating; and then we are suddenly asking “how did this happen?!”; forgetting that we know the answer is within the interior aim of growth, that is the heart of our Self-to-self relationship.

There is always room for surprise in life, and so often, that is the lesson. What does it mean, when we are surprised by this-or-that happening? (Whether we interpret, judge, decide that life’s experiences are “good” or “bad” from our personal standpoint.)

It is so easy to be blinkered to our own path of choices that brings us our experiences; especially when those experiences arrive as if only through, or because of, the actions of others. Perhaps, the monumental grasp, or the biggest understanding of choice that we ever make in support of our own learning and knowledge, is the realization that we are not responsible for what others choose, while we are responsible for our own choices; as our choices intersect other's choices, to synthesize into every form of interactive reality.

Knowing that it is the interlocking chain of our own choices that brings us personally into the dance of every interaction, lets us sort out who is responsible for what; and allows us to both take back for ourselves, and give back to others, the responsibility we each, equally own, for our personal power of choice.

This is a crucial concept of our own learning if we are serious about sorting out how our experiences do reflect our own inward power-picture-designs as the exteriorized product of our self-to-Self learning and growth. When we can accept the fact that we do make our own choices and we don’t make other’s choices (as we can trace through our own truth-of-experience that verifies this;) then we begin to take responsibility for our power of choice through giving-back to others, their responsibility for their power of choice. The mutual impact of choosing to understand this bit of self-to-Self truth about the realities of our power to create, can be a huge surprise to each of us!

As our understanding about our own power grows through our life’s experiences, and we can clearly see how our choices always boil down to self-from-Self learning about the power of our own creative energy; then we have automatically already begun to choose our own identity as the creative, mutualistic adventure it is. To manifest our power of mind, and spirit, as the reciprocally singular expression of self-to-Selfhood, is to enter into our higher education in the Art of Creation.

To choose the truth, from the evidence of our own combined inward and outward intelligent living, (rather than myopically clinging to the self delusions of only how we wish things to be, believe we can force things to be, or dream and desire things to be), is a vital lesson about self-to-Self power. From this point of self-to-Self view then, life’s surprises tell us much about our own understanding of what it means to be our own power.

You know that proposition that “the truth is the truth”, independent of our own egocentrism; I may not always like the truths I learn, but that doesn’t change them from being true! Since what I believe is ultimately my own choice, then I can’t be too surprised with the manifest results of my inward equations of belief into reality, as life portrays my self-and-Self learning. Our answers are always within us.

So here’s to surprising ourselves with our own amazing learning, growth, and abilities of self-to-Self! What a marvel of intelligent, creative energy we each are!

See you later,

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