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Whose "purpose of life" is this, anyway?

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Whose "purpose of life" is this, anyway?
PostPosted: July 31st, 2007, 3:00 pm
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Hi everyone:

Our questions of "Who am I, why am I here, and what does life mean", reverberate across all levels of our living. How we become exactly this specific person that we are, strikes at the core of growth and development;change as transformation. When we ponder our place in the scheme of things, wonder about where we came from and where we will go when leave this life, we open the doors of our mind, inward; and our concepts of purpose and fulfillment are pivotal to how we form our own certain identity, and how, through-out our lives, we constantly grow, learn and evolve.

Intuitively, we recognize that the answers we search for can only be found through the doorway of our Self. As we question our ideas and beliefs, we are peering into our own consciousness, seeking the knowledge about our intimate purpose, meaning, reason, and value of life from within ourselves. These questions launch us on a profound journey into the heart of our reality; into the center of our Self. Our inward explorations begin within our own thinking, and Speaker Material offers us a guide book.

Our ceaselessly in-progress, Self-to-self information spontaneously shapes our broadest private understandings, insights, awareness, and knowledge, into our overarching grasp of the purpose, meaning and value for our particular life-reality; as we are a singular self-hood within the shared reality of our collective, common existence.

Our questing and questioning, speculating and supposing, experimenting and experiencing; our investigations, examinations, and interpretations, constitute our growth. This is the path of our evolution: learning about all manner of life-values and principles from both sides of our reality. This learning gives us our individualized, wide-ranging beliefs about life-in-general, and our life, in particular.

This constant, automatic processing of information between self-and-Self that goes on under the surface of our usual daily awareness, weaves our uniquely individual perceptions and conceptions about life and reality. Our self-to-Self learning gathers, sorts and organizes information from all angles of our living it into highly individualized belief-systems; and it is our unique belief systems that direct our thoughts, feelings and actions, toward making us the specific, especial human self we experience as our personal existence.

Our daily living, exploring life's reality-scape of mind/thought, heart/emotion, spirit and physicality, leads to our discovery of the nucleus of our creative abilities – our core-beliefs. The role of core-beliefs is vital to actualizing, constructing or manifesting our daily-reality, for our core-beliefs are the “managing directors” of our experiences.

The instinctive, natural process of mind, automatically integrates our multifold, precisely personal, specific beliefs into our private belief systems according to our primary, broad-based/core beliefs about the purpose and meaning of our personal life and of our existence within a reality that is larger than/more than, only this of our private experiences. Then, as we develop our own vast and unique collection of variable, single satellite beliefs, these are unconsciously, or less consciously synthesized into both our conscious and less conscious understanding of personal and universal nature, identity and reality.

While we are generally not too aware of being involved in this internal information processing and belief building, if our lives become overwhelmingly mired in contradictions we are in need of our own self-to-Self help as a more conscious involvement in these mind processes.

When we experience our lives as if at odds with our daily world, experiencing disagreement, distress, and disharmony as our general texture of living, this tells us we do not quite understand our own systems of self-to-Self creativity, yet. If we say, that we believe in, and want to experience, reality’s fundamental harmony, then how do we match the desire, to the beliefs, to the actions to our life-reality.

The conundrum of how our thinking, beliefs, actions, and results/experiences, fit together as the steps that manifest as our "reality", is at the heart of the self-to-Self philosophy and identity. As we each puzzle over our own power to take charge of our lives and direct, build, and in every way shape our lives into experiences that match our desires and dreams, we can often feel as if we’re missing some of our puzzle pieces.

To proclaim a belief that life has purpose, meaning, reason and value, while our day’s are aimless, meaningless, insignificant, senseless...; tells us we’ve mismatched our intentions and desires with our blueprint-of-beliefs for our building. Before we can learn to manifest our desires and dreams into accurately matching personal experiences, we first need to learn how to read our blueprints. Whether our lives are rife with resistance, contradiction, disunity, division, and discord between our exterior facts and our interior truisms; or full-filled with purpose and meaning, experienced as harmony, happiness and all of our desires and dreams "come true"; step-by-step, Speaker Material helps us understand how our lives "come to be".

To say we believe life has a purpose, a meaning, a reason, and a value; but then be unsure, unclear, unaware or unthinking, about exactly what that purpose, meaning, reason and value is, leaves us in a creative quandary over exactly what we want to produce, and how to produce it. The solution to this predicament begins with learning , from the inside and the outside of our self-and-Self reality, how to actively define our life of person-hood, through our thinking, feelings, intuitions, instincts, and insight, as a way of directing and sorting our information more consciously.

Without an understanding of the general framework, or outline of our own systems-of-mind as baseline knowledge about our systems-of-creation, our growth can become thwarted, blocked, hindered, and our life-building, reality-creating, experience-manifesting, self-hood can become sterile, barren, and uncreative.

We begin our inward learning by forming our questions in our conscious mind, asking our self first; it is from these efforts to see what we think, that we send our request to our inner Self for closer assistance with our learning. To demystifying our own thinking is to learn the systems-of-our-creating – the framework, pattern, blueprint – the method we use for our daily creating.

Learning, growth, evolvement, begin from within our own thinking. We can only find our purpose as it resides in the fulfillment of our personal life; as it lives within us, as our own self-through-Self knowledge. Even while we can learn much from others, our understanding cannot come to us through other peoples thinking, beliefs, ideologies, perspectives, conclusions; as other people’s definitions and claims for what we neglect to define and claim for ourselves; namely, our own identity of mind-power. It is up to us to discover and enact our own Self-through-self purpose, meaning, reason and value.

To choose, discover, learn our way into our own definition for “the purpose of our life”, is to create our lives experiences into, and out of, the power of our own Being. Personally, I believe the purpose of my life is something more than simply understanding my ability to create my own happiness (as I’ve read in some “theories of reality”). While the techniques for learning to be happy (or "be" anything at all) can give us valuable insights and information about our creative abilities; from the Speaker Material point of view, achieving personal happiness could hardly be the purpose for anyone’s amazing days on this amazing earth.

The learning; the grasp of ourselves as a power-process, as the active experience of our creative energy, is the reason we are here (in life's "earth school"). I’m sure there are lots of us who can think past such interpretations, such definitions of human "purpose" as simply an egocentrically driven, singular human self-hood's quest to experience private happiness. Surely, our human purpose involves an understanding of our role as the co-operative, co-creators of so much more than that. I believe personal happiness is a natural by-product of our grander purpose to learn, grow and evolve into our multi-natured, multi-dimensional, creative-energy identity. And then, beyond that, to grasp the purpose of our own growth within such a framework of "reality" and "identity", is an even more important effort.

We learn by thinking, and if we are unwilling to do our own thinking, relying on other’s to do it for us, then we have handed others our power to create the fulfilling lives that can only come out of our personal development as the enactment of our own unique knowledge and wisdom, within our self-to-Self identity.

Knowing our own purpose, through understanding our own reasons, and values, as the foundational knowledge that we constantly create our lives out-of and into, is knowing ourselves as the marvel of thinking mind - as the creators of the daily wonder that is life. It is individual purpose that clearly distinguishes us from each other, and it is universal purpose, that joins us to each other. Claiming our purpose, is both a right and a responsibility that belongs to each of us in exactly the same way – from exactly the same nature and identity of creative mind-power.

So, whose purpose-of-life is this, anyway?

Ex act ly!

Happy, purposeful creating,

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