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The power of opinion...

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The power of opinion...
PostPosted: October 18th, 2007, 5:32 pm
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Hi everyone!

Lately my Self has been presenting me with very many instances of "other people's opinions", as a part of the on-going discussion of the Speaker Material concepts about "power"; both yours, and mine.

When we become aware of this sort of unbidden grouping of experiences, one way to read this is that our Self is trying to get us to look into something more closely - usually in response to some sort of repeating conflict or distress that regularly arises in our life - like an unexpected onslaught of discouraging opinions!

One of the major differences between Speaker Material reality-theory and many other current offerings, is a clear statement that reality - both universal and personal, is created out of mutuality (as in mutual aid), as one of the fundamental concepts upholding the view that human beings create human reality. When looking at the dictionary (actually many dictionaries) the general meanings that best represents the idea of mutuality in Speaker Material theory, are: (a) "shared in common" and (b) "reciprocal" (or given, felt, received, exchanged, equally, each toward the other).

From the point of view of mutuality, all of us affect each other - all the time; since the sacred "now" of life is not lived by any of us in a vacuum of idealized "I" hood, on some solely inhabited planet where we are neither affected by, nor have an affect on, each other. It's hard to deny this. Speaker Material presents an in-depth exploration of this concept of mutuality as one of the primary aspects of power; the power that creates - everything.

At any rate, the point here is, that when we give our opinion to others or when others give us their opinion, the outcome is always some sort of affect - a created experience. Generally, when it comes to opinions, I first look to motive, mine and other's; and next look to qualifications, mine and other's. Why is whoever, telling me about whatever? (Speaker Material asks "who knows more about your self than your Self?) These are not bad questions to help us sort out the affect of other's opinions on us, and help us see the affect of our own opinions, on others.

With so many opinions flying at me lately, I fast learned much that I was not especially wanting to understand about myself and about others; and this ultimately helped me see individual situations more clearly and comprehensively, and respond more honestly and therefore realistically. This is always the goal of our Self-to-self help; to get us to stretch our sight into insight and deepen our understanding in ways that help us take more honest and mutually-beneficial actions according to our combined inward and outward information about any particular situation. How else can we be in tune with, in harmony with our reality? Life isa mutual affair.

Sorting out the "ducks and the geese" by honestly dealing with our own daily, particular challenges and circumstances, is the way we learn self-through-Self, about our personal power. What better practice could there be to learn how to use our amazing power-to-create?! To experience the effects, the impact of our power, through our own volition (choosing) - as both the doer and the done-to, teaches us much about mutuality. Life, as a lesson-in-the-learning, "is all good!", as a friend is fond of saying.

So here's to opinions - may we all have lots of them, understand them insightfully - and use them wisely! Have I told you that...


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