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In answer to "what is this Self-to-self idea?"

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In answer to "what is this Self-to-self idea?"
PostPosted: October 26th, 2007, 1:14 pm
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Hello everyone:

In trying to answer a question put to me lately, asking "what is the Self-to-self idea about?", I wrote a little personal letter with my own explanation. This is always a wonderful opportunity to track my own progress and growth at this odd job of mine; and I view these efforts as an exercise to learn how to give clear, helpful information. It is always a challenge to answer questions about Speaker Material, and I can easily feel inadequate, since the depth of the Material itself will always be the ultimate explanation to our questions about our Self-to-self identity.

Of course, that is the point - to challenge each of us to try, because in our trying is the discovery of our own awesome abilities and as we experience our mind's stretching and striving - and learning, we can know, for ourselves, the meaning of Self-to-self identity as creative mind-power.

I could never explain Speaker Material's purpose more clearly than this quote from the Speaker Material Conversation titled "Introduction" (the 4th from the last paragraph):

"... We explain this to you because it has a bearing upon your own beginning understandings of self-to-Self relationship. It is hoped that as you read you will continually question and examine and explore your own intimate self-to-Self relationship from every angle. That is part of the purpose of this material. Your questions are meant to lead you forward with your own seeking; forward into your own answers as your answers will be found in the ceaseless conversations of each of you, self- to-Self; and Self-to-self. Just as this person's questions find their answers within the private intimate conversations and experiences between her personal self-and-Self, so each of you is meant to hear your own answers and make your own discoveries from within your own private source of Self-and-self relationship..."

In this Introduction article of Speaker Material is the beginning explanation of what Self-to-self is about - namely YOU. The following is my own rendition (from my letter) of what Self-to-self is all about:

"Self-to-self is a new way to think and feel about ourselves; it is learning how to direct our own development, and how to direct our life's experiences. By better understanding our own thinking and feelings, we can direct our thoughts, feelings and actions, instead of them directing us. This is how we give ourselves the power to create the lives we want to live; through new information, providing us with new possibilities - giving us newly possible, choices.

When we have a way to see ourselves – identify ourselves – as being capable and competent to successfully actualize our own intentions, goals and desires, we naturally build upon this identity; and then we can use our expanded identity, use our new knowledge about who we are and how we tick, to take the new actions, for change. When we see that we are the power behind our own experiences then through our own power of choice, we expand our possibilities of choices. This is how we can learn to make those changes we want to experience. New knowledge, new possibilities, new choices available - possible for us.

One of the first steps of Self-to-self understanding is to use our own personal real-life experiences to show ourselves just how we have already used our own power to build our lives out of our inborn capabilities and competence. We are not trying to trick ourselves with any of these ideas; we are trying to see the truth of ourselves clearly, as the very real creative, intelligent energy that is constantly at work creating our lives right now. Our ideas of self-identity, very often do not realistically reflect the truth of ourselves – they reflect other people's ideas, opinions, judgments and values about our self. Self-to-self asks us to recognize our own nature and look at the facts of our own lives and do our own judging and valuing according to our own knowledge and our growing understanding of who we are. This is a way to use our own power to create our own lives..."

In sharing this part of the letter I wrote as my own explanation of Self-to self, I invite you to drop me a note with your own take, opinion, suggestions, on whether I've done my job in giving a clear, helpful explanation of this concept. If you asked me this question, would my answer tell you anything meaningful, or helpful to you? I've read that "the success of our communication is judged by how it is understood by the receiver". You, are the receiver. Did I communicate successfully in my letter? Does Speaker Material communicate successfully? Do you communicate successfully? Speaker Material suggests that we "ask our self, first", and in asking what we understand as the receiver, we will answer much about our self, and about our Self, as both the Listener and the Speaker.

So, happy and successful communicating!
'Till later...

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