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Making merry...

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Making merry...
PostPosted: November 30th, 2007, 10:11 am
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Hi to everyone who has stopped by here at this busy time of the year.

In celebrating this season of Spirit many of us are thinking about how we can "make" our festivities a time of meaningful merriment. At the heart of our celebrations is sharing, and as the heart of our self-to-Self identity, sharing is always under discussion. To ask ourselves what we want to share, and then figure out how we can share it, is a practical question that can help us shape these memories we are creating; for these days of conviviality become a shared memory which we each take part in creating (for ourselves and for each other). What is it we most clearly and dearly remember from last year's celebrations? What is it we would most like to create, for next year's remembering?

From the self-to-Self point of view, if our Self is nudging us toward a recognition of this season's meaning on a spiritual level, but we are busily refusing to hear our Self wanting to share its deeper understanding of these concepts and feelings with our conscious-mind-level self, then what are we sharing, self-to-Self? We cannot share with others what we don't have within ourselves, first. Our sharing begins within us, as a choice between our self and our SELF. We decide what we will accept as knowledge and understanding that shapes what we materialize; or what we will refuse to learn and understand, that still shapes what we materialize. What is our Self offering to share with us? What are we offering to share with others, and what are they offering to share with us? Joy? Sadness? Hope? Discouragement? What meaning are we making, materializing - and sharing?

To take responsibility for for our own power, means to take responsibility for our own choices - and our understanding of our own thinking, feelings and actions is a choice of learning, from our own inside-out; it is a choice about what we will and will not manifest into our shared interactions with each other. So when someone offers us a "Merry" greeting, they are offering to share their concepts and feelings with us, and how we respond (in our heart, regardless of how we respond in words), becomes what we are bringing and offering to share with them. That is what makes an interaction - it is what each party is offering, or bringing to the table as their own part of the sharing.

When it comes to "making" our interactions, we each bear our own share of the responsibility for what we have made (created). What we make together is something more than only what we make individually, and the power of this understanding is the clear knowledge that we each get to choose our own part of what we make. To ask ourselves what it is that people are trying to share with us (their enthusiasm or their disinterest, their optimism or their pessimism) and then ask ourselves what we are trying to share with others, can help us sort out our own steps in "making merry" as a clear grasp of the meaning, value, and intention behind our interactions.

People often ask what the concepts of Speaker Material and self-to-Self identity have to do with their real, everyday, practical lives. The answer is "everything"! For who we are, what we believe in and our level of understanding ourselves as the power to create, effects every part of our daily reality. If we want this to be a magical season, then we can learn how to "make" that magic first within ourselves, and then once we have it, we can learn how to turn it into a sharable value.

If we end up feeling exhausted, burned-out, frustrated and let down when these holidays and celebrations are over, could it be that we forgot to make the choices that create the circumstances and situations that allowed our participation in the fun part of these festivities? The practicality of understanding our responsibility for our own power to create is that it also helps us understand other people's responsibility for their power to create. Do we count our selves equally into the merriment of this season by expecting, allowing, giving other's their own share of the effort that is needed to make this a fun time for all of us?

An understanding of fairness, mutuality, reciprocity, and respect that adds up to genuine caring about each other, is a loving gift from Self to self. When we accept this gift of knowledge from our Self to our self, we will have this understanding to share with others. When we refuse or reject this knowledge, we are left with only the opposite values to share and give to others.

Each of us participates by either clear choice and action or by defaulted (unaware) choices and actions, in making this season's memories. Will our choices go toward making this a merry time - or not? How we handle both the work and the fun of our celebrations, represents our understanding of what sharing means and how our choices create sharing. Our memories of the past, our experiences of the present and our hopes for the future, clearly demonstrate our understanding of sharing - our understanding of the true meaning of this and every season of living. Self-to-self, this is the meaning of "making merry".

Wishing everyone, everywhere, the merriest of times,


Feel free to "share" this gift of knowledge from your Self-to-self, with every person who adds joy to this season, and with every person who doesn't!

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