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Open, says me...

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Open, says me...
PostPosted: February 2nd, 2008, 6:20 pm
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Hello everyone. Hope your February is off to a fine start.

Over this past month, my theme of experiences seems to have been about learning; about understanding every-and-any sort of information that comes to us, in a new, more comprehensive light. Speaker Material calls this, “connecting the dots”, in order to create a different picture. This arriving within a different picture is the experience of change.

Learning is more than just the re-framing of our life's picture, it is an experience of larger vision, not just larger view. As we add our daily, serialized lessons together, we grow ourselves a wider, more holistic grasp of our own identity, life, and reality. Knowing that our specific learning about each-and-any aspect of our lives is how we arrive at this larger understanding of ourselves, amounts to a self-to-Self show-and-tell about our own learning.

These more comprehensive experiences of amalgamated learning, that find us quite literally within a larger more inclusive framework of understanding our reality of selfhood, are experiences of expanding consciousness.

Our learning is the conversion of our inward understanding into experienceable emotional, psychological, and outwardly manifest, changes. To learn about our self-to-Self nature is a very literal experience of pride and humility, for as fast as we experience pride for having learned something, we are also humbled by our realization of how limited our ability to learn is, and how much we still have to learn. As soon as we think, “How smart of me to understand this”, we simultaneously ask, “How will I ever understand this larger picture with so much more to learn?

To experience a new, larger, changed self-awareness that shows us previously unseen connections between our thinking, actions, and outcomes, is also a tangible lesson about our learning.

Each of us knows someone whose understanding, (vision, perception, and view), renders them unable to see any other point of view except their own immediate position. When we close our mind, we close off our ability to learn, to grow, to accommodate new information and add it into, correlate, or merge it with our current information into new understanding. When we close our mind, we close out our ability to see ourselves and our pictures of reality, realistically, as a true reflection of the nature and meaning of our own experiences and identity of humanness.

To close off our ability to create and experience change, is to close off our identity to ourselves. We cannot see beyond the rigid boundaries of our self-imposed limits; we cannot even grasp there are any limits to our own ways of thinking, let alone fathom that we have imposed those limits.

Such a translation of power into choice, is how we produce/create a reality of powerlessness, with all its attendant outcomes-of-action, impacting on both personal and global experience; all the while assuring ourselves that we are the only ones who understand… (is this perhaps the meaning of delusion?)

Finding an antidote or solution to closed-minds, and closed off learning, is an ongoing Speaker Material investigation. Of course, the only solution to a lack of knowledge is knowledge. Yet, when the mind has restricted its own natural power to learn, there seems little hope of using that natural power, to actually, learn; and since change is the product of learning, there seems little hope of actual change. It matters little that we are the writer, director, actor, producer and audience, of this movie, if we do not realize it is a movie. When we can’t distinguish between what is a belief about reality and what is reality, we have little hope of any meaningful learning about our own role, in either.

The Speaker Material’s proposition is that learning is an individually accessible, inviolable (secure), personal experience-of-power, for each of us; and through the conceptual expression of self-to-Self relationship, this learning is a fact of human power regardless and in spite of, our own creations to the contrary. Our learning is happening and our movie is only a movie no matter what we believe, experience, and create, from our intimate, natural power of choice. How else can we explain our own, or humankind’s evolvement, except that it is a natural product of the nature of ourselves, as learning is an inherent activity of mind. The product of learning is change; change is always the reality, and evolution is about changed reality through learning – or not, according to our choices.

Understanding ourselves as “the power of choice” is a concept about the action of empowerment. To actualize our power by making choices, is to enact our knowledge into development, growth, progress, evolvement, – enacting our knowledge into the experience of change. To choose the challenge of our own learning is to choose life itself. How else can I explain my own existence? And how else can I understand your existence – except as our human nature to learn, and from that learning, to produce, actualize, manifest, and create change?

The precise personal designs for what we learn and how we change, are our own choice; and to learn that our learning is within our own power and no one else’s, is a huge lesson about our power – and about every one else’s power. If we ever wonder why our lives are thus-and-so, and how other people have lives that are different from our own, this concept of choice-linked-to-learning is our most fundamental answer. This concept of power-identity choice compresses our concepts of past, present and future; and allows us to grow as the product of our own learning, the dynamic of our own choices, regardless of our past, present or projective, chameleonic, assumptive future experiences.

To choose to learn, to choose to open our mind to new information, new view points, new ideas – is to allow new possibilities; to allow change, as an inbuilt ability of our own power, under our own direction. Speaker Material often reminds us that, “… our power is like a ball bouncing in the street, and if we do not choose to pick it up, then most certainly someone else will…” Our power to create, to change, to learn, to choose our own direction of development, is ours to pick up or not; but just because we default on that choice when we do not understand it, does not mean we can’t change our mind and make a new choice, so we do understand it.

Personally, one of my favorite early self-to-Self sayings, that reminds me that I'm capable of making new choices because I am ultimately responsible for my own power (and empowerment) and vise versa, is “nobody can make me and nobody can stop me”.

So when I want to know anything at all, I say “open, says me…” because I know that nobody can make me, and nobody can stop me from opening my mind to the energy and power, of my self-to-Selfhood. Nobody can make me learn, or stop me from learning, about my nature of creative intelligent energy, as my power of choice.

We cannot force children to grow up, and we cannot stop them from growing up – any more than we can legislate for happiness, honesty, common sense… We cannot make the doorways of mind and self-directed future open until we speak the magic words “open, says me…”

Now how do you do that???
L O L, (lots of learning)

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