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The truth about the ducks-and-the-geese...

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The truth about the ducks-and-the-geese...
PostPosted: May 6th, 2008, 2:54 pm
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Hello everyone.

Recently someone said to me “… the majority of people won’t read Speaker Material because it doesn’t stroke-the-ego, it’s not the feel good, don’t worry-be-happy message which everyone wants and expects to hear – and it is not easy! ” My answer is, “...personally, I think more of human-hood’s intelligence; and the purpose of this material, the criterion used in creating this material, the meaning of this work – and our lives, is about a larger goal than simply personal ease and happiness. And I do realize this is only my opinion…”

An opinion is not always fact, anymore than a belief is; and just because opinions and beliefs can be turned into reality, doesn’t guarantee they represent any kind of truth as a fundamental knowledge about reality. Reality is the product of our creativity conveyed into actuality; and what we create may have little to do with the kinds of truths that Speaker Material asks us to “look into” as legitimate and usable information for a new kind of creating; a kind of creating that does include these other kinds of truth.

That we have created anything into factual, actual operational reality, not only verifies our ability to create, but tells us (when we learn how to see what we look at), whether or not we’ve done so with any reflected infusion of intrinsic principles-of-reality.

In Speaker material, the meaning of chameleon, is anything manifest into operationally factual reality that initially appears as true – but, on further investigation - isn’t. To learn how to identify, and tell the difference between what is chameleon and what is not, is a basic facts-and-fictions, Self-to-self lesson. We create much into operational fact, only to discover it's actually, a creative fiction. Without an understanding of facts-and-fictions from the self-to-Self point of view, reality can be a confusing place indeed.

So far as the acceptability of Speaker Material, perhaps the majority of people do not want to hear its message of responsible creating; creating drawn from the Self-to-self-directed learning and expanded knowledge that results in truth – as both an inside and outside perception and conception about reality. But being unacceptable to the majority does not mean that this message is not acceptable to those who are ready to look beyond the current limits of mind’s (small s) self-creative abilities; or mean that it won't be heard by those who believe as I do, that we are more creatively capable than our current “proofs” of manifest reality might lead us to believe.

Speaker Material often reminds us that whatever we want to create, we always have to start here-and-now. Since there is nowhere else, we will need to start where we stand. The acceptability of Self-to-self internship is very much the recognition that the yard stick of truth is not whether the majority accepts, acknowledges, agrees, or grasps; popularity and majority agreement doesn’t automatically render anything to be with or without merit, or correct or incorrect. Context and clarity (both as the giver and the receiver - the Listener and the Speaker, the creator and the created) DO count!

One reason I keep learning, is so I can keep telling the difference between what is an opinion, what is a belief, what is an interpretation, what is a fact, what is a reality – and beyond that, what is a truth (understood from the personal, Self-to-self-directed, continually expanding, multi-directional and multi-dimensional learning, that is our living.)

If I didn’t believe in human-hood’s astonishing capability to learn, in order to create more satisfying and meaningful personal and global reality than current experience, I wouldn’t bother trying to share this material with anyone. Too often our created reality is used as an excuse, rather than an incentive. The first neon signpost on our Self-to-self’s path toward enlightened creating, is to learn what is real and what is chameleon, what are the facts and what are the fictions that only appear to be facts; referenced by why and asking how.

Human-hood has been too long hoodwinked into mistaking belief, opinion, and pseudo-fact (as personal interpretations turned into operational actuality), for things other than what they are - really. In Speaker Material, we are asked to learn the difference between reality and the ducks-and-geese-disguised-as-reality.

Do you find Speaker Material’s Self-to-self philosophy of inside-out, responsible reality creating, to be an “acceptable” alternative to the kinds of ideologies that conclude, “Our feelings always tell us the truth”; or the kinds of belief systems that offer directives like “if it’s not fun then you shouldn’t be doing it”; or those that follow the logic of “the purpose of life is to be happy”? (This is only a sample of some of the popular aphoristic reasoning and theorizing, being currently offered to us.)

Perhaps those who tell me “the majority of people won’t read Speaker Material…” are right about that; but lives of growth, learning, challenge and change, always begin within the minority of one, Self-to-self.

With my highest regard to every Self-and-self,

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