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The Think and Do workshop...

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The Think and Do workshop...
PostPosted: September 1st, 2008, 12:04 am
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Hello All,

Lately I’ve been involved in developing an agenda for a local Success-Support workshop. Since most of us realize our own thinking is the power-tool for our success (and/or failure!), then “Think-and-Do” seems an appropriate theme and approach.

Working with Speaker Material over the last 25 years, I’ve found that many people don’t recognize exactly how to use their clearly conscious thinking as the honing-tool that shapes their mind’s energy into their specific thoughts (and feelings) that then organize and direct their actions, reactions, interactions into what we finally call the reality of life’s experiences and outcomes. Many people don’t understand that this mind-path is used for the practical planning to set and achieve any of their goals.

Most of us know someone whose inward creative energy is struggling to find its way out into actualized achievements and manifest accomplishments. Most of us know people who are full of fantastically creative ideas, but seem unable to parlay this wonderful inward energy into any usable format for directed creation, to produce any manifest, external completion of their life’s creative circuitry.

Their mind’s creative energy is trapped inside of them, sometimes in frenetic fervor. They seem unable to find any focused follow-through to direct and organize their inward energy on its course toward outward actuation; and they are unaware that the problem is because their conscious mind’s abilities are unfocused and undeveloped. Their mind’s ability to think with directed, exacting, conscious focus is undeveloped as the pathway or method for actualizing their creativity into realization.

One of the most significant self-discoveries we can make is that the development of conscious mind’s ability to think clearly, comprehensively, and coherently is a learnable process. The development of conscious mind’s thinking is a well-integrated, unified, and cohesive ability-of-mind; and this “thinking” ability gives us a mind-energy-path to our outward physically manifest life’s reality.

It is our mind’s thinking that is the twinned, paired, double-faced key to our human reality’s creative genesis! It is the development of our mind’s ability to think as an aware experience, which makes our thinking a learnable skill. We can indeed become more clearly aware of what we think, and exactly how we think, as we learn to follow our thought-energy-path from mind-to-materialization.

This is the meaning and the method of all learning. This is the meaning of expanding our conceptualization. (Noun: inventing or contriving an idea or explanation and formulating it mentally) So, to my mind, “think and do” is a very precise description of success and support; and every facet of living's activities. For success and support are concepts, and only through our individual mind’s power of thinking, can we actualize those concepts (or any concept), giving meaning and value, and manifesting that meaning and value into our experiences as daily living.

Finding an appropriate theme and approach for our workshop, truly tickled my funny bone. The idea of a “Think and Do” format came from one of my first experiences starting school. I clearly remember being given a big workbook with the words THINK AND DO brightly, boldly printed across the cover. I loved that book!

From Speaker Material, which taught me the process I continue to use to develop my inward abilities, the first learning must necessarily always be about how to shape conscious thinking. That first learning that taught me the routes of mind’s thought energy into actualized and ”factualized” (external) experiences, was the initial, necessary development of mind skills before I could successfully venture into the further reaches of my psychic-spiritual energy-nature.

I needed these thinking skills, in order to begin to learn how to work with the less conscious, psychic-spiritual energy (Self-to-self’s energy), in more consciously aware ways. That first learning was what let me do the further learning of how to bring interior information out into worded reality. This is how to listen and actually hear and understand our own psychic-spiritual discourse. This is how I grew into listening, and hearing Speaker Material; how I learned to comprehensively and cohesively interpret the inward, dynamic, energy-dance of our human nature into the different kind of energy dance that is its written dialogue.

Learning how to consciously use our tools of thinking mind, is how we can learn to use the less conscious energy tools of Self-to-self consciousness, contact and communication, which so invisibly construct our life from our psychic-spiritual energy core, as our living’s constant and astonishing inside-out construction of daily living.

Much of the current self-discovery trend is certainly not about the development of our “thinking” abilities, as the path inward to our own Selfhood’s creative wisdom. It is rather, the fairy tale of magic juju and incantations that would hope to bypass the mind’s conscious, thinking processes and responsible reasoning, on humanity’s inward explorations.

Speaker Material is very clear about the what, and the where and the how of our learning. (See: April’s column post “Mary, Mary, quite contrary…”) Believing is not the synonym for thinking. Mental chicanery and rote (no matter how effective toward any goal) are not the same thing as Self-to-self interaction, nor mind’s ability to think-and-do – grasp-and-use, universal concepts that will help us make wise choices – take wise action, create wise reality. My “thinking” mind tells me this, and my self-aware Self-to-self relationship demonstrates this as my more fully informed, cognizant self’s reality of daily experiences.

In essence, there is no other way to experience ourselves, live our lives, and express our energy an existent reality, except to “Think-and-Do”. I wish I’d have known back when I started school, that the real name for that workbook was Life.

Life is learning – Your Power is your choice – so choose to learn, beginning Self-to-self!

Best Regards,

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