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Rocket Surgery - the rest of the Creation Story...

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Rocket Surgery - the rest of the Creation Story...
PostPosted: August 25th, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Hello everyone,

Last week’s computer-virus scare reached around the world and into the private lives of many of us. That was a clear example of how the power of one person’s personal choices can affect the lives of many people. The current global financial turmoil is another example of how individual choice can affect many people. Yet, while such events produce such clear material affects on our daily lives, and while we grasp that these experiences represent a certain truth about creating our reality, this realization does not tell us the whole story about our creative power of choice. For each of us still has our personal power of choice completely intact. And even while others choices can and do affect our lives that does not identify any of us as only helpless victims in an un-winnable power-struggle – even if it feels that way.

I recently had an interesting discussion about how the power of our emotions relates to our ability to create through personal power of choice. The idea that somehow our emotions – what we are feeling at any given reactive-moment in any specific situation, must reflect or convey life’s and reality’s combined truths, is a personal point of facts-and-fictions learning for each of us. That is not to say that our feelings are un-truthful, but what are our emotions telling us the truth about?

Often, it is a mis-connection between our questions and answers, that is confusing us; we've mistaken our emotional reactions as belonging to the events that represent different questions. If we misread the question-to-answer linkage, such misunderstandings can have us mistaking one sort of emotional response as if in answer to other/different questions.

To realize that emotional information alone does not equate to self-and-Self's information about our life and reality, helps us clarify and more accurately form our questions. If we are seeking information about any specific relationship, that information will come to us out of first asking ourselves (as honest self-questioning), about our own specific personal relationship with our own inward Self.

Self-to-self is a working practicality – a personal experience of connection and correlation that shows us how our human nature and self-experiences are linked to our Self-nature and experience of our own consciousness and spirit. We learn about our relationships with others through the experiences of our relationship between our self and Self. Do we constantly try to impose our personal (human, egocentric, conscious) views onto our inward Self's reality? Are the experiences we get from our daily interactions/associations with each other and the world around us, just “either/or” choices about imposing only our own, ultimate personal-view upon others, forgetting that our interactions are shared exchanges.

Our experiences of association, connection and relatedness, are about the merging, recombining and transforming of our individual views into a newly created outcome of mutual-views. These newly composed INclusive viewpoints are not the same old power struggle of trying to impose only our EXclusive views! What we've created out of our interactions is a combined, different product, a new effect, result, and outcome. We have changed our reality; we have participated in creating new experience, for out of a new individual pattern of thoughts we’ve made new choices and arrived at new dealings with each other. This is how we create new experiences – out of new information. This is how our learning, changes our reality. This is how we exercise our power of choice.

Our emotions can give us crucial inside-out self-to-Self information necessary to make appropriate rational choices for our behavior. Our emotions can help us arrive at individual conclusions, positions, beliefs and understandings to make new choices through personal information, reason, sense, and awareness. But our emotions do not give us all of the information, or the only information we needed as the basis for informed, responsible, acceptable, reasonable behavior for our actions, reactions and interactions. Not self-to-Self, nor with each other.

If we want a new reality-of-experience, we need to create it first as our thinking, logic, intelligence, and emotions together, merged with our private inward comprehensions, to arrive at our very own single, self-and-Self consensus. This is how we learn a new conceptual pattern; we draw a new picture of our own self-to-Self relationship so that we can develop a new sort of actual individual reality; then we further draw that picture out into the shared relationships that we experience as new actualized, materialized interactions of all sorts. One of my favorite saying is “…it’s not rocket surgery!”

To me, that some of us know how to do this sort of wiser creating, while some of us don’t quite yet know, is not cause for despair – it is cause for hope. Is our glass half-full or half empty? That some people grasp this pathway to creating, while others don’t yet, tells me only that personal choice represents personal power directed into actual factual operational human experience and expression. Self-to-self, we do create our own reality. Now that is the rest of life’s story!

So I think I’ll go perform some relationship rocket-surgery; now that I know how, who knows what I might decide to create…


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