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Reconciliation: The paradox of life's duality

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Reconciliation: The paradox of life's duality
PostPosted: May 23rd, 2012, 5:54 pm
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Hello everyone :)

While away from these particular pages I've still been actively writing, supporting and promoting Self-to-self, in an array of other venues.

The following remarks are part of a Facebook reply-post that I recently made on my "Mystical Verses" page there, in clarifying Self-to-self's explanation concerning peace, and how we understand our daily life's experiences of duality alongside our beliefs in the non-duality of Consciousness as a psychic-spiritual grasp of this other sort of truth.

I wrote: "Duality is a construct of choice, as choice is a singular power that defines itself through its interaction with multiplicity. When understood as a proposition bound into the time-and-space expressions of human reality--and every reality as defined by its own specifications/context/nature, then that which encompasses all duality must equal the principles of Consciousness itself. Such a conceptualization of "all that is" is Unbound from the defining fetters of any reality, yet contingent on every reality, for its own existence. This is an explanation of Self-to-self Life Study theory, as a concept of Self being our connection to a more encompassing Consciousness than only our human self consciousness. From this, the relationship between these two aspects--the partnership between the incorporeal and the corporeal, is then the interface between these two aspects, in every reality. Humankind's creation of peace, both individually and collectively/globally, is a product of the power of choice, made possible through the nature of Consciousness."

Arriving at any sort of Self and self acceptable understanding about this subject, seems a long, often confusing road of processing and reprocessing the constant inflow of our information and experiences, for most of us. This question is one of the major conundrums we each need individually wrestle with, because it represents a huge layer of inward learning toward enlightenment and peace through all the layers of our living. As Speaker Material suggest, we will not be satisfied with answers that are less than what our own efforts of truth on every layer of our learning, prove out for us.

Mastering the breadth of our conceptual paths through the Self-to-self work to arrive at this particular understanding, is a milestone of our inward education. Following how the "rules of the game" on our one layer of human reality can be different than the principles of a larger reality, as it is played out in our connections to our Self's reality of personal relationship within infinite Reality's illimitable Consciousness--this is an immensely important piece to our puzzle of legitimate Self-to-self identity, as a foundational grasp for each of us and all of us, as "Humanity".

As the reading of the Material continuously demonstrates, each effort of learning fills in our forward path to enable us to grow our way into such "simple but complex", different visions and views of our existence and identity. We cannot comprehend these ideas suddenly, out context of our previous effort's learning--we cannot see what we have not yet prepared our expanding sight's ability for. That we may not understand or see at any given moment, does not mean there is nothing to see. It only means that it is our responsibility to continue our line of Self-to-self discoveries, expanding our capability of heart and mind, our capacity of human consciousness, to at least see our own further shores of Selfhood, unbound.

Our own faith in our own ability "to understand" is often our only light on a sometimes dark path--yet our belief in our own abilities to grow, learn, become an ever unfolding creation of our own volition, is not a small Self assistance. Who better to trust, to believe in, to cooperatively partner with, than the Self within us whose best proof of its genuine care, is our life itself? For all that we go through on our forward voyaging, our ever present now of experiences remind us of our own firm footing.

Please, come find me on Facebook at "Mystical Verses--Self-to-self". I will soon have some new assistance in revamping all of the interconnected systems that will streamline my posts for finding and sharing. So I thank you all for your on going support and patience.

Best Regards,
Happy Spring Wishes,

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