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Surely I'm not the only Psychic Refugee in the universe?!

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Surely I'm not the only Psychic Refugee in the universe?!
PostPosted: August 1st, 2005, 2:17 pm
User avatarJoined: May 13th, 2005, 4:16 pmPosts: 114Location: Guelph area, Ontario, Canada
Hi Everybody.

After some discussion amongst friends it seems there are lots of ideas about what a Psychic Refugee might be.

From a dictionary definition of Refugee as "one who flees to a place of safety" that does indeed speak to what we at this site hope to create for everyone who comes here to listen/read, and to speak/enact themselves out into this reality of cyberspace and into their own experiences.

Being a psychic refugee might seem to imply we are fleeing FROM this space/place of personal psyche rather than TO it, since the inside of one's self/mind can sometimes seem like the most unsafe of places to experience. How can I be fleeing "from" my own psyche as an unsafe place - yet somehow understand that there is really no place to go except "to" my own psyche, as a safe place? Perhaps the understanding here is about how, like any refugee, what we are fleeing from is not our own creation of the place we call home, but from the imposed, dominating, or authoritarian creation of others' concepts that have been shaped into this shared, combined and interconnected place of our common experiences. Maybe, what we are fleeing from is what other peoples' concepts, beliefs, definitions and determinations have created into our conjoint reality of selves, as conjoint experiences that have rendered this space/place/reality no longer safe or sanely habitable for us personally; it has grown dangerous for us, and we realize the only reasonable choice left open to us is to flee from it.

As an inward (less clearly conscious) grasp, we may also vaguely realize that this particular place (be it physical or psychological) has grown unsafe, at least partially, because of unseen and therefore unchallenged dis-empowerment through domination. Through our own unsuspecting disinterest or apathy, our unaware, unrecognized compliance or acquiescence inadvertently becomes an abdication to others' formulations that overtake our own formulations, as a default. What if this notion of being a psychic refugee is our inward realization that while we may need to flee from such miscreated constructs of others, the only place to go is toward more clearly created constructs of our own making?

Could we see this idea of being a psychic refugee as representing the fact that just as we live in a particular country within the whole of the world, we could be living in a particular "space of mind" that is within the whole of the "mind"? Then the idea would be to flee from the untenable parts of our experiences that have been created from the misconstrued belief systems of others, toward more holistic and self-empowered places of mind created from our own belief systems. We can no more flee "the world" than we can flee our own "mind" - for to do so would be to lose our life, or lose our mind - and this is not really an answer to "where is home and how do I get there?". A psychic refugee is fleeing TO a place of honest promise within the psyche - and away from a place of misguided or corrupted promise - still within that same psyche.

If our notions of being a human self are mistaken to be the whole truth or the complete facts of our identity (our world), then there would be nowhere to flee to; so somewhere within us we must understand that such a single-sided identification must be only a part of our identity. Somewhere in us we must have an inkling that the world of self must be something more than only our immediate human self's concepts/understandings of its experiences, created as if they are the only, ultimate facts about our selves. In this regard then, self-to-Self represents a realization that there is a larger world of Selfhood that we are a part of.

Wishing Everyone Happy travels,

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Psychic Refugees or where is home and how do I get there?!
PostPosted: August 19th, 2005, 12:33 am
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Hi out there/in here,

No one has yet responded to the notion of "psychic refugees", but through out my life I've known many people who understood themselves in this term. I was always a "psychic-refugee" - seeking a place of peace - a place of safety, fleeing from the chaos created around me that constantly mushroomed out to engulf me - or so I creatively construed, and expressly experienced.

The question of "where is home and how do I get there" is born from the experience of feeling like a stranger in a strange land. This is an experience that many of us try hard not to allow into our recognition, yet at some time in our lives, it is our own sense of reality. This sense of being "a stranger in a strange land" is our experience if we find ourselves immersed in the flood waters of loneliness, pain, sorrow, separation, or the emptiness of depression, disillusionment, disappointment and despair. This sense is our experience when we are unable to explain our predicaments and circumstances in any terms other than some degree of powerlessness. It is the search for the safety of our own empowerment that sends us questing inward, seeking to find the home of our hearts - the source of ourselves as the power-full directors of our own path Self-ward as homeward.

The alternative to our asking - seeking, striving, struggling toward Self-hood and heartland, is beyond our comprehension. So we cast our fate forward into the abyss of future - as uncertain of where we might find our inward home, as any world refugee now existing in the untenable terms of their own very real, physical circumstances, asking the same question of "where is home and how do I get there".

To be alienated from our own internal identity-of-nature, torn from the patterns of inward rationality that grant us the named grace of our personal intelligent spirit-hood, renders any of us "psychic refugees". To live in a reality that demands we suspend our mind's thinking and reasoning, sends many of us fleeing from irrational, defaulted, mindless disenfranchisement. Our flight is our search for an inward space of peace that represents sense and safety - the knowledge and security that can only come from the certainty-of-self actuation, manifestation, realization.

I'd venture there are many people who intimately understand this concept of "psychic refugee", and know exactly what the question of "where is home and how do I get there" means.

What do you think? Please share your own insights into this proposition - and your own markers on your own inward path towards the answers.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Take care out there,

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Another angle to being a psychic refugee...
PostPosted: June 27th, 2006, 1:48 am
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In considering what it means to be a psychic refugee, there is another spin to this idea that some people might resonate to.

In offering the Listeners' Post, there was an underlying intention to create a place on the internet for those of us who are fleeing from the proliferation of psychic-spiritual theories that seem only interested in gathering new devotees to their own particular brand of beliefs. This space is meant for "psychic realists" - those who are fleeing from the contradictions, the "ego-ship", the sophistry, the emotional and psychological intimidation, the profusion and confusion of every sort of new-ageism offering to save us, cure us, think for us, believe for us, define us and ultimately create for us. This site was created for those ready to honestly take on the effort of truth - for themselves.

The Listeners' Post, as a part of the Self-to-self web site that grew out of the The Speaker Material, is about enabling the individual to effectively examine, question, reason - choose and enact rationally, for themselves. To be a psychic refugee, might well mean to be someone who is fleeing from the fanaticism of pseudo-spiritual psychic idealism run amuck.

This corner of cyberspace is intended for those of us looking for our own answers - not those of someone else. Perhaps to find ourselves at this here-and-now is to name ourselves as a "psychic refugee" - for we have each come from very many other ultimately inhospitable places, in search of our own home of selfhood. The Speaker Material often remarks "...don't take our word it... ask your Self...", and it is to this end of learning, that this site was created.


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