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This is how we "really" change the world...

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This is how we "really" change the world...
PostPosted: December 13th, 2013, 4:45 pm
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So often people ask me about why we do our Self-to-self learning. Here is an integral part of our answer.

"Understanding the Self-to-self identity in relationship to the meaning of Enlightenment; and the connection between Enlightenment and the new business model for social good--Benefit Corporations.

Now the new class of business enterprise known as "Benefit Corporations” is something each of us could be aware of when we're deciding what and whom we will choose to become involved in/with in our private lives. As our world is changing, this new corporate organization strikes at the operational, pragmatic answers to our inward questions and growth. For Enlightenment is not only about our personal psychic-spiritual evolution, it is about the "real" relationship between our private transformative experiences and growth, and the path to actualized/manifest "matching change" within our shared world. Enlightenment is about organic change as the humanly self-directed effort to "shift" the path of humankind's evolution.

Without an externalized expression--without an overt outcome to outwardly demonstrate our inward learning, our creative energy circuit is not complete. The truth of our growth and learning is in the actualized outcome--in the different "production" and its manifest "product" of a shared, collective, global impact, that is its proof. It is easy to think, to say, even to "believe" genuinely, that we have learned, grown, changed, and that by virtue of our personal growth we are thereby changing our collective/world reality. Yet, while changing our personal reality does impact or translate on the individual scale of changed experience and reality, the Self-to-self contention is that the complete meaning of our growth and development is the matching reflection of this personally focused change, that expands into the larger shared reality of comprehensive, global social impact.

For most of us, our ideas of enlightenment are limited to personal definitions, views and expressions; yet when examining the many angles of concept and definition of “enlightenment” the larger perspectives of collective impact are necessarily included in this concept. Certainly, this idea is within the Self-to-self Life Study work. From the Cultural Dictionary an explanation of the concept of enlightenment begins with: “The philosophy of the Enlightenment insisted on man’s essential autonomy: man is responsible for himself, to his own rational interests, to his self-development, and by extension, to the welfare of his fellow man.” [sic] In the Self-too-self material, this extension of personal reality’s parameters into collective, manifest structuring is the completion of our understanding of the flow-through of our creative-energy circuitry; for this larger outcome is the finished product of our human ability to “create our reality”. This expansion of the personal ideal of creativity to include the collective ideal of humanhood's creative abilities is within Self-to-self's complete meaning; and this completion aptly represents the truth of shared partnership that originates in our Self-to-self identity.

From this perspective of our enlightenment then, this new ideal of corporatism grown into the new class of companies dedicated to positive impact, is the direct reflection and outgrowth that is the natural extension of personal enlightenment being turned into the manifest collective response of practical change. This development is the “enlightened” outcome that is our personal growth turned into our Self-to-self identity; and it represents the completion of our personal creative “process”.”

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