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Time to Wake Up?!

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Time to Wake Up?!
PostPosted: July 17th, 2014, 5:24 pm
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Above is a recent Facebook post. The fundamental conceptual puzzle piece these sorts of unfinished "pronouncements" continually miss is that these situations and conditions are the result or the outcome of reality’s inward creative processes; and changes to the external surface that we view as reality, will only perpetuate this same external outcome. With no grasp of our internal creative processes that have given us these specific external results, we can only repeatedly “change” their surface. We (as Humankind) cannot construct a transformative, self-driven shift of mass actions/behaviors that will support and sustain all life, without this crucial, specific, inward information. Yet the belief systems that effectively imprison us by corrupting and preventing/hiding this information are learned values we unwittingly continue to accept.

The point of the Self-to-self Conversations is to help us understand that these current global outcomes have arrived on our doorstep as the proof of our Self-to-self truths about the power that is our human existence… we are the power of human reality's creation. By convincing mass Humanhood that our own Self-to-self learning is not legitimate information, Humanity is enslaved by its own ignorance. Historically, various elitist groups of people devised systems to teach mass humanity that our own experiences were not individual personal truth. Humanity was deliberately taught that its inward knowledge was not legitimate and not to be trusted. This set up a universal, psychological dynamic of self-doubt, fear and powerlessness, which was enforced and perpetuated through physical violence. Our today's operational world-reality exists because of this original method of corrupting mass Humanity's common sense and its perception of its own experiences.

This effective brainwashing technique is only possible because even now we do not yet believe it is happening, nor recognize the full extent of it. The foundation of Humankind’s mass-manipulation has brought us to these current global realities through the doorway of controlling personal mind. Teaching mass Humanity it is incompetent, unable to “think” independently, critically, logically, beyond any era’s “authorities”, has kept us operationally, inwardly incompetent. Teaching oppositional, domination-subordination power-patterns as the formula for our relationships with each other, and with our own reality through every layer of our human experiences, has kept us in a state of constant warring power-struggles with each other.

The point of this deception has been to prevent our understanding that we are each an equal partner, as personal, primary designers of our own personal, up-close, relationships with each other. How we understand, create, construct, participate in---how we choose to conduct our personal relationships with each other, will always be out of personal choice. We either deal with each other cooperatively, intelligently, mutually respectfully; or dominatingly, blindly, forcibly, disrespectfully. The first option produces an expanded set of choices for our global relationships that hold the potential for an expanded reality of new experiences and expression of our Human existence--for each of us. The second option produces the limited choices of our current global relationships that operate as today's reality.

Our personal core beliefs about Human Nature and Human Power form our collective, universal concepts about every Human Being's personal power. Over the centuries these core beliefs--as conceptual values, have formed Humankind’s general understanding of itself through our personalized acceptance of this "human" identity. These core beliefs and values produced "historic" reality using the same inward process that produces today's reality. We need only look into the heart of all major “Belief Systems”, examine their teachings, critically question their motives, and track/measure their results as our factual results of today's common-collective experiences. We need only critically question any specific philosophy--from the ancient to the supposed “New Age”, to compare its aims and purposes to its "actual" outcomes as living reality. If we discover judgemental spiritual, emotional, psychological, social and physical threat and intimidation, as the standard methods for perpetuating any belief system, we can understand it for what it is, and recognize it by what it produces in both personal experience and global/collective experience--as the actualized outcome that is manifest reality. Only inward corruption of mind-and-spirit nature could produce the outward social corruption we are experiencing in every country, as our today's reality...

Self-to-self is about the relationship between personal reality and shared global reality... between the invisible energy of private thought and the inevitable visible-energy of public expression and interaction... between individual understanding and its creations, and collective/social understanding and its creations. Without this "connection" between personal thinking and public-action--then each of us individually, is still only reacting and perpetuating the already created, surface reality of this mass, manifest lie, into our global Future. This ancient, manipulative, creation-system is the path that continuously brings us to this same Here-Now---regardless of any efforts to produce genuinely transformative outcomes.

We (as individual and collective Human Beings) have effectively (knowingly or unknowingly) accepted all of these deliberately misrepresented doctrines and edicts---taught policies, systems of teaching; proclamations, decrees and commands of the "supremist ideologies", which are the methods of mind-control that continue to keep us enslaving ourselves. Transformation is not possible while most of the world still clings to domination-power belief systems masquerading "as if they are facts about our Human Nature". Self-to-self challenges these domination ideologies hiding behind all of the formal institutionalized social "systems" that would define our Human Nature and its power-of-mind-and-spirit this way. (These "systems" include Politics, Religion, Culture, Science, Medicine, Education, Finance, Corporations…) Of course, so long as we agree to believe these "beliefs", they will operate as if they are facts--fooling us, duping us, blinding us to the truth that they are only the fictions of external, humanly created "ideas", built into these belief-systems through specific people's corrupt personal choices...

Generation after generation the majority population has been convinced by real people who claim mystical and mythical entitlement, to be the only legitimate identifiers/definers of Humankind's "Human Nature" of creative power. These real people with their corrupt belief systems, literally stole every person's right to use their inborn knowledge, wisdom and indisputable, individual, spiritual, psychological and physical Creative Power of Intelligent Life-Energy; stealing every person's right to participate in creating our shared world reality by choosing cooperative, mutual, respectful relationship between themselves.

Humanhood's mass enslavement does not happen without each-and-all us, helping. By continuing to believe in these lies, we continue to assist those who run these systems, in perpetuating their “crimes against Humanity” – against each of us. We have each had a hand in creating this current warring reality; this is how, and this is why… Either we are ready to wake up, or we are not. This is the challenge and meaning of the current, "Wake Up" movement. Fool me once shame on you; Fool me twice shame on me; Fool me three times, shame on both of us.

Are we so busy being distracted, once again, by our dreams and desires for a brave new and "caring" world, that we still refuse to learn how to actually create that world? Understanding the need to “expand our consciousness", is not the same thing as knowing what this means or how to do this--or practicing this expansion process and seeing the results actualized into external reality, as our own legitimate proof. Until the majority of Human Beings are engaged in these comprehensive life-processes of actually building the conceptual foundations for collectively producing an external-physical, operational New World, founded on cooperative Mutual Aid, we will keep fooling ourselves, claiming to be the victims of this, and the endless next, "New World Order". When we have the opportunity to free ourselves, yet we continue to choose our own complicity-through-ignorance, then there is, as always, no other power that can save us--since there has never been any other power that created the "operational realities" we are are now witlessly fighting, before it operationally destroys us. Self-to-self ---as they say of growing old --- is not for the weak of heart or mind or spirit...

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