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The value of discussion and making judgements...

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The value of discussion and making judgements...
PostPosted: January 7th, 2015, 2:20 am
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Hello everyone,

Happy New Year 2015!

I recently shared a video about judging people by their appearance, onto my Mystical Verses Selftoself Facebook page I was so delighted by the depth of discussion it generated -- and hope you will visit my page there, and view that.

Here is the post I wrote there:

To judge, to discern, to decide, conclude; to infer, think, hold an opinion... to make an "aware" choice. We choose, 24/7 as a constancy of our energy that manifests into our moment by moment existence, as our living self-reality. So understanding how we arrive at our choices, how we make our judgments as the ceaseless process underlying our life's experiences, is vital to our actual understanding of who we are as creative Beings... To be advised not to judge is not only psychologically and emotionally manipulative and dangerously irrational, it is impossible!

Self-to-self is an understanding of how we integrate and use both our inward information and our externalized factual information to arrive at the conclusions that help us sort the facts from the fictions--the truths from the deceptions, through all the layers of our life's experiences; as we are both the created and the creator of life's grand play; the author, the producer, the actor, the director... the outward truth of the inward truth. If we're taught divisiveness, we can create divisiveness... if we believe, we can create the shape of our beliefs... (within the framework of our human reality). Even while the framework of "...sun and moon and circled earth, are given presence at our birth..." that does not negate our individual part/role in how we experience our own presence in the here-and-now of our human existence... unless we believe it does...

**Judgmental: adjective
1. involving the use or exercise of judgment.
2. tending to make moral judgments:

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