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Re-visiting depression and the Self-to-self understanding

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Re-visiting depression and the Self-to-self understanding
PostPosted: July 13th, 2018, 12:23 pm
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I've worked with people's depression from this understanding (through the Self-to-self work) for many many years now. Nothing happens without a reason and those reasons are used within our Self-to-self relationship to help protect us from the realization that we are not yet ready to deal with the real and intimate causes of our problems. Self-to-self explains that there is nothing intrinsically "wrong" with us... we only need to build a new framework for our thinking, to think about our problems "in relationship" to our own experiences (regardless of who diagnoses us with what!). Instinctively we know that we don't yet know how to help ourselves, and with a little compassionate, personalized and committed help to begin to regain our power and demystify our own individual life-event-reality stories, so we can discover we have new choices that are entirely, practically, possible for us, in our own way and through our own reclamation of our true nature of power-of-choice.

When we create our own new framework for understanding ourselves and learn how to more honestly and accurately re-value our selfhood's identity in meaningful, powerful ways, we tap into our own intelligent wisdom and find our own paths to peace and passion in our own specific life-ways...

From our self-provable rebuilding of beliefs into experiences, each of us can find the fulfillment of joyful meaningful living. Self-to-self is about rediscovering self trust, love, respect and connection, beginning within our own being. It takes a genuine and committed assistance with our own learning. Once we are nurtured toward new inward self development and self-empowerment the miracles discovered become shareable and transferable abilities that serve us throughout our lives.
I've been honoured to have helped others with their private Self-to-self life study, and participate in stunningly beautiful transformations that leave me breathless with respect for our human capacity for healing, Peace, Love, and the evolution of our own consciousness as we pursue personal, Self-guided growth and discover our value within the inclusive enlightenment of our human species.

Hooray for all those who find the Self-to-self work, ( ... and on FB at Mystical Verses - Self-to-self ) and decide they are ready to engage in their life's evolution through personal revolution, and participate in the underlying enlightenment necessary to save themselves as they help save our planet!

Thank You for this post Nicole Daigle!
What If Everything You Know About Depression Was Wrong?

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