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A multi-welcome!

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A multi-welcome!
PostPosted: August 16th, 2006, 5:37 pm
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A heartfelt Welcome to each person who has signed in at the Listener's Post over this past week! I hope you won't mind that I'm multiplying this greeting to include each of you here.

It gives me great hope to see there are more people - exactly, YOU people - taking the time to check us out, and deciding to add your selves in.

Self-to-self is an idea - it's an insight that makes us a visible power - to ourselves, and to each other. When our power remains invisible to us there is no way to shape it into our precise, unique, self; there is no way to actualize it into our personal designs of self-hood.

The power of ideas constantly re-shapes our world; and perhaps in this here-and-now of each of us we are deciding we are ready to make that re-shaping a clearer visible effort.

Self-to-self is an experience - a specific experience of individual name and shape that multiplies itself into the name and shape of humanity. Perhaps, from this idea, this view, this experience, the shape of tomorrow's world can be cast from new knowledge, into new values; into new organization and actualization, through a new understanding of ourselves. The Speaker Material proposes (and then explains, illustrates, demonstrates, adduces evidence), that from this idea, we can build a new foundation of mind and spirit, to define ourselves as the creative, life-supportive power of our own choices, from the inside-out.

True Self-and-self identity is within the discovery that we are our own power-of-choice. Every choice counts, so thank you each, for making the choice to be here!


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