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Reading our self-investment portforlio...

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Reading our self-investment portforlio...
PostPosted: August 12th, 2007, 3:38 pm
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:D Hello!

It is always such a pleasure to see so many people from so many places stopping by here. We hope that being part of our readership becomes like viewing a self-investment prospectus - and as you look through the many specific, different concepts of self-hood, you are keenly analyzing each stock-in-self idea as you decide how you will expand your portfolio of thinking; choosing what you will learn more about, what you will sell off (idea wise) and what you will buy into.

The point of such "looking into", (as spending your time and energy of thought), is to become better informed - to have more information than you started with, so that you can make wiser, clearer choices for your investments of your self, into the stock of your Self. When we review, read our self-investment plans, are they a realistically forward-looking, positive prospectus, or a"pie-in-the-sky" scheme? Do we trust the information being given us or is it just slick-trick, feel-good advertising?

I hope these are questions everyone asks about this site, about this information, about the concepts presented here - about your self-and-Self investments. How else will we know anything - about anything, except through our questions, our looking-into?

So happy critical thinking and may every prospectus that crosses your desk (mind) be a real opportunity to invest knowledgeably in your self-and-Self!


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