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Making Happy...

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Making Happy...
PostPosted: January 1st, 2008, 6:02 pm
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We wish everyone a Happy 2008!

Optimism is a choice; no matter how invisibly buried under how many layers of "reality", its resurrection to the status of our everyday outlook and consequent conduct is ultimately within the ability of each of us. Through our choices we develop the beliefs that we bring into experience. Through our own learning, evolvement, enlightenment, growth, and understanding as our inward education, we choose our daily habits of thought and feelings that become our attitudes as a canopied point of view.

Optimism is a belief in-and-of-itself of course, and recognizing that our knowledge directs and shapes our beliefs, gives our knowledge and our beliefs the same propulsive power - the power to create, as each represents our power of choice.

If we choose to learn about ourselves as a creative power, then the invisible assumption (as an invisible belief) that we are a creative power that can be learned about, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in the identical way the opposite choices can be made with the opposite results. The bottom line is always about identity - how we define the who that we are. So whether we believe we are a self-supreme self-power or a partnership energy pattern of Self-and-self power (or anything at all!), our identity directs our creativity, our choices, our life's experiences.

It is a huge lesson in humility and pride, to learn about our nature of Self-to-self power. Over these holidays George and I received a small windfall and we were quite surprised at our own reactions and the insights that opened for each of us concerning our separate, personal beliefs. We also learned much about the contradictive anomalies that can often block and sabotage our own desires. These were also lessons about the meaning of our experiences, and how our beliefs can block or sabotage our learning/progress - until we are ready to hear our own answers.

Every event and occurrence in our lives is a manifest invitation to learn something about ourselves - a "real" life opportunity to grow and understand the hows and whys of our own creative energy as the power we wield through our choices. We may not want to know these very intimate answers that apply specifically to the self that is us, and even this realization can help us. We are each learning our way forward into the unique knowledge that we each need to best fulfill this especial lifetime we are living.

Our Self is mandated (by design (of partnership)) to assist us with our learning. What we may be reading as repeated failure, or a thwarting of our desires, can also be understood as repeated opportunities for our own deeper growth and understanding. The sorts of awards that come out of such learning, outshine any sorts of rewards, we can imagine! That is also a lesson of it's own.

Understanding optimism to be a choice, is not the same thing as holding (or practicing) a belief that "positive thinking" is the road to happiness. Acknowledging and understanding our power of choice, and directing our power toward optimistic thinking, feeling and doing/reflection, it is about grasping the concepts of belief, choice and empowerment. And it is about choosing optimism as a stepping stone on the road to wisdom, enlightenment, and fulfillment; in this case, choosing to develop a different, clearer, richer, deeper (more comprehensive) meaning, expression, and experience for happiness.

We can all learn about making our own lives and the life of our world, happy. We are being asked to do just that, Self-to-self, as the choice for our own empowerment. Understanding of ourselves as the power of our choices, is the answer we are each listening for in the silent night of our deepest desires, dearest dreams and most sacred traditions. But first we need to ask the question. The question is whether we will choose to define ourselves as the power of our own choices. The question is whether we will choose to learn, grow, evolve, individually and as a species.

I believe we CAN learn how to "make" (manifest, create, materialize) a "happy" life. I believe it is within our choice.

Happy 2008 to everyone!
Optimistically yours,

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