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An Introduction to Mystical Verses
by R. Cunningham (2.26.05)
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ritten in conjunction with The Speaker Material, The Mystical Verses originate in much the same manner. Sometimes it seems these verses represent a kind of inward punctuation, like parenthesis that mark an interlude or interval within the general process of Inward Listening. Such pauses act as inserted commentary -- amplified, explanative insight into the broader reaches of Speaker Material. There is a sense of distilled meanings to these verses - a sense of crystallized, consolidated, condensed ideas. I view the Mystical Verses as true gifts from a greater consciousness.

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Taken as an integral part of the larger creative package of Speaker Material, I often think of these verses as rungs on the ladder of private learning. For it seems, as my experience, that these verses are a kind of culmination - a kind of ciphered outcome or interpretation of delimited groups of concepts linked together, into a whole step of learning.

The purposeful, multi-angled construction of these verses is meant to leave personal translation open for each of us (as much as possible). In the same spirit as any self-to-Self assistance, as the mind sees first one meaning and then another, first one vista and then a different view, perhaps we are meant to test our grasp of how we ourselves put our collective concepts together. It is as if we can recognize in our own intimate ways, our own reflection of these meanings, to help us see how we arrive at a broad understanding of any given information. Perhaps we cannot always personally articulate this comprehension, yet we realize we are somehow familiar with it - we know its face -- and its heart, as some part of our own wisdom.

From the inward standpoint, these verses represent literal interior experiences of mind and heart - personal literal translation of this Listener’s journeying, exploring and questing across the infinite - and intimate mind-ways of our human existence. Yet, the mystical verses are not written from my imaginative, creatively inventive perspectives. Each of these worded renditions is a reflection of actual interior experiences, layered together, meaning to phrase, vision to view, and motion to emotion. I can only express my feeling of privilege, to be granted the one, (these experiences) and entrusted to impart it as the other (these rhymed reflections).