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What's in the box?

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What's in the box?
PostPosted: March 1st, 2008, 12:47 pm
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Hello everyone,

Many of the specific singularized concepts of Speaker Material theory continuously show up in various forms of current self-help information. On the one hand, this is most useful to the aims of Speaker Material’s self-to-Self philosophy; for every informational step or conceptual rung on our ladder of learning helps us toward a new definition for self-identity. Yet, this can be disheartening as well, when the value of these individual efforts is only understood as if each self-help goal-and-gain is an end unto itself.

George gave me a helpful analogy for what makes Speaker Material something more than just re-inventing the wheel: he suggested that Speaker Material’s self-to-Self theory is like our skeleton; we might have all the right organs, and they might each work perfectly, but without a skeletal framework for them, they don’t add up to a living body.

Speaker Material is concerned with the whole of our Being as a living body of intelligent energy; it is about the framework, or the sides of the box that is the consciousness - that create-ability that gives us the extraordinary capability to actualize, manifest, bring-to-life, create reality.

We might learn the bare-bones principles of conscious creation, learning how to use our power to manifest personal externalized riches, happiness or any private aims and goals; but is that the extent, or the point, of our being alive? Some people believe that the scope of our power is entirely defined by our personal box of individual life-reality through personal beliefs, information, and experience. And some people believe that the scope of our power is defined by our collective box of human physical-life reality, through collective social, cultural, religious, and scientific beliefs, information, and experience.

Speaker Material suggests that such beliefs invisibly sabotage our efforts to develop our creative skills, and corrupt our raw ability to “make-visible” or create a reality that is outside of limits of these boxes. It suggests that these beliefs prevent our natural evolution as a creative intelligent energy of consciousness. And it suggests the reason is because such beliefs limit our vision of any larger truth, (or information and experience) beyond our personal box of individual power-and-choice and thereby beyond the collective box of humanity’s collaborative power-and-choice.

Such beliefs about our nature and power, mistake our outward-faced human life-reality to be the conjoined box of self-to-Self consciousness, (or physical-to-psychic-spiritual consciousness). Such a misconception misconstrues our self-to-Self nature, power, and reality, and prevents our use of our own natural identity as the conceptual-framework or life-blueprint, that underlies our world’s existence.

To continue to ignore, demean, dismiss, and in every manner disregard and discard the legitimacy of our inward framework of self-to-Self energy-identity, amounts to our own choice to de-power, inhibit, suppress, and in every way limit ourselves. Such attitudes and efforts of sole “self creation”, cannot teach us about meaning, value, and identity as either universal or cosmic truths. Such limiting beliefs hold each of us, and all of us, on the treadmill of perpetual recreation of this current reality. Where do we think this reality we inhabit, individually and collectively, comes from? And why do we think it continues to change – but not actually transform?

What we each put into our particular box of life/reality is decided by the lessons we choose to learn about how to use our power-of-choice. Our identity, as our choice, sets the comprehensive context for both our personal life’s learning and humanity’s development (learning).

As the Speaker Material and self-to-Self theory continually reminds us, we will decide; and knowing that we will decide, as our daily reality attests to, can be either the beginning or the end of our story-of-creation. We will decide, and whether wittingly, with full knowledge and deliberation, or unwittingly out of close-minded ignorance, we create our decisions into our reality, both individually and collectively.

Until we can stretch our minds to comprehend the difference between our boxes and their contents, we are fated to the contradictive construction of chameleon reality. It is our own choice to see beyond our box; and it is that choice, that directs what we will put in our box.

So, what’s in your box? And can you touch your toes?


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