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Mary, Mary, quite contrary...

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary...
PostPosted: April 5th, 2008, 9:23 am
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Hello Everyone.

Whether life is interesting or boring, either in-the-moment or over our lifetime, depends entirely on our ability to “catch” ourselves in the act of our own creating; catching ourselves inwardly interacting, deciding, – choosing, planning, agreeing and disagreeing, self-with-Self, to our own “what’s next” experiences, by using the already created actuality of our “what’s now” experiences.

Generally, the only reason we’re bored, feeling as if nothing exciting is happening for us, is because we’re looking away from the source of what is generating our experiences right now. That generative source is the self-to-Self choices that connect our future and past awareness, into our “now’s” experiences.

Sometimes, we’re insisting on only the out-looking surface-sights, of our mind, busily being blind and deaf to our own vibrantly meaningful, internal interactive environment. We’re blithely unaware of our moment-by-moment choices for what we believe, what we think, feel, and take action towards; and we’re not realizing our continual interior choices are what’s blocking our experiences of anything more accurately complete and enriching.

That being said, I had a great little epiphany when starting to write this discussion. Suddenly my mind was a total blank – all my ideas had vanished as I sat staring at an empty computer screen.

As often happens, a knowledgeable, honestly-willing patience, can bring us surprising answers from our self-to-Self listening. What I got for my effort was a wonderful “conversation” about the meaning of these “mysteries of the disappearing ideas” (which many of us know only too well!)

Plying through the layers of concept, which build our aware thinking into opportune understanding, is an exercise of mind – a “lesson-in-the-learning” kind of effort. We are never as one-layered simple as we might believe. Our learning about how our own mind and self-to-Self interactions actually work, is the directed development of our awareness of our creating.

One of the notions under discussion was this whole idea that what we get as today’s given experiences, is made up of one part reality, plus two parts awareness of reality. One of the lessons we are each asked to learn, is how to be aware of our own creating – to see exactly how we go about our individual creating of the immediate experiences that we call our reality. (Have you ever given yourself a headache, realized it was your own thinking that created it, and then made it disappear by changing your own thoughts?)

One of the ideas (in this particular Speaker Material/self-to-Self discussion), was that so long as our “creating” is a mystery to us, we are denying our personal power-to-create; default is not a powerful position for any of us. Naturally, as the ones doing this mysterious creating, then our own self-to-Selfhood is what we need to de-mystify. (If you believe that you are who, what, why, where, when and how of your own life, then the answers to those five cardinal queries are you, reality, be-cause, here, now, and self-to-Self.)

In every given moment of our now’s existence we are engaged in the experienceable creation of our now’s existence, (no matter how unaware of this we are). We create constantly, so at least, knowing this rule-of-the-game, we know the who, what, why, where, when and how of our own outcomes, when we find ourselves happy or unhappy, with what we are creating.

The “outcome” of my little writer's block episode, and of my own internal discussions, was to affirm my own learning and understanding of this first principle about creating; this primary grasp that what we create in this now, is what we are paying forward into our tomorrow's now.

My outcome was to confirm my own understanding of this founding principle of creating, and then use this knowledge in the case of my vanished ideas. I realized where my ideas had vanished to – into my own lack of awareness; and I knew how to get them back again – by deliberately drawing them back into my conscious awareness through that knowledge.

Of course, I have this information, because I have consciously participated in the self-to-Self developing or building-up of those ideas, in the first place; I was the one who had done the forming, shaping, drawing, structuring and stringing-together of those ideas in self-to-Self collaboration. Knowing that I had actively thought about ideas for this column, and that there was nowhere for those ideas to have seemingly disappeared to, except into that vast blankness of my own misrouted or unfocused awareness, helped me re-reason, that therefore, I could find all those thoughts again – which I did!

This was a small private lesson about our personal empowerment; for it literally reinstated my power to retrace my mind-steps of “thought building”. My own learning let me literally re-view the self-to-Self interaction I constantly engage in, to find the particular principle I needed to re-visit, in order to help myself out of this blocked situation. Then, all those ideas I’d retrieved could be re-examined toward a clearer choice about what to write.

Understanding this principle of create-ability, let me “get on” with my writing, and it changed my own immediate experience of my own reality. I had a choice; I could struggle, fret and fume as a blocked, negative, downward spiraling, depowering experience, or use my own, learned, self-to-Self knowledge to re-direct my actions (on every level).

If our learning is about empowering ourselves through choice, then understanding this principle of our own self-to-Self creator-ship is a very practical proposition. No one would ever know any of this except me; but understanding that what I chose to create at that moment, for that moment would wind up in this next moment as a pre-written directive for this here-and-now writing, confirmed my self-view of creative competence. This experience spoke to my choices about my identity. I wound up laughing at my own momentary allusion of writer’s block – recognizing it was a self-created experience conjured from forgetting my own knowledge.

Most of us can find our own similar examples of life’s little lessons. Our ability to use this route of our knowledge making, or mind’s processing, is the engaged learning that Speaker Material represents; and this use-ability is the kind of understanding that our participation in our self-to-Self relationship, gives us as practical, minds-on, instruction in.

We can always choose to help ourselves toward our own empowerment. Like sexual satisfaction, or “happiness”, success, or any fulfillment, we are each responsible for our half of the interactions we call life/experience/reality. We can each come to know our own specific, personal “routes-of-reality”, as they are written into the deeper “Roots-of-Reality”; we can each learn what we need, that lets us choose our individual unique fulfillments for our private life. Isn’t the point of our living to grow ourselves up by reaching for all that supports us, nourishes us, and nurtures us into our own thriving, creative life-energy?

So, “how does your garden grow?…”

Happy planting,

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