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Financial meltdown: “A tisket, a tasket, we have a broken...

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Financial meltdown: “A tisket, a tasket, we have a broken...
PostPosted: October 5th, 2008, 11:58 am
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Hello Everyone,

If we ever wanted a visible lesson about our inside-out creating, the current world financial crisis is it. These unprecedented financial events acutely reveal how concepts of power directly translate into the power of choice, and their global impact underscores the truth that there is an intrinsic relationship between individual power and collective reality. Personal choice repercusses beyond only personal reality – no matter what we might tell ourselves.

The concepts and beliefs about power held by those people in positions of collective power, when added together as a series of individual choices, produced the events and results that are now affecting all of us. So, it is not hard to see the value of learning about the Self-to-self relationship as a concept of relational power; and to realize that such learning has vital, practical application with far-reaching results. Reality is an active patterning of creative energy, specified through choice. So to understand how we create specific events, circumstances, and conditions through our power of choice, directly relates to our understanding the partnership between Self-and-self, which is our education about our power of choice.

How ever unintentionally, many philosophies, and theories of reality unknowingly promote the concept of “I create my own reality”, as a singularized, egocentric, closed energy-circuit of creative power – an I-Universe ideology. Such reality-creation theories fail to recognize that the power of personal choice and private reality is inherently tied to our collective choice and shared global reality. Such reality-creation concepts ignore the relational truth that connects reality’s nature to human nature, as a universal power partnership. This failure to understand the nature of reality and the nature of human beings as a power-partnership, conceptually disconnects personal reality from collective reality. These fractured concepts about human nature, reality, and power, lead people to make the kind of sociopathic choices that can have the kind of global results that we are now experiencing with the worldwide financial meltdown.

Conceptualizing personal power as if it is only as a dominative, self-serving choice, rather than viewing it as a core-system of thought that encompasses mutualized power as our nature and identity, is what allowed individuals to make individual-power choices as though there were no social/collective consequences. The ignorance (and arrogance) that underlie much of human hood’s conceptualizations about power, manifest into all manner of events that affect all us. The current global financial chaos is only further evidence that uncomprehending egocentric/disordered belief systems and power-concepts, will not create the kind of enlightened, wise, and harmonious reality of self-to-world, which so many of us say we desire.

When we choose to ignore the truth of power-partnership between reality and human nature, we produce that self-deception into fact. Those who could see the disastrous consequences of following irrational, greed-driven financial policies that go against the nature of reality, could not convince the political or financial “keepers of the keys” to choose responsible oversight of their financial systems, operations and policies.

Just as the financial institutions could have chosen to follow more realistic, fairer policies, so each government could have chosen to manage the entrusted power of its citizenry by enacting responsible financial regulations. All quarters could have chosen their financial actions according to their own criterion – which in the end they did. That should tell all of us about how power is understood and enacted by the individuals that we empower with our votes and our patronage. Striving to understand and enact the truth about our human nature and identity of power-relationship is everyone’s choice – and everyone’s responsibility. Self-to-self is a power-partnership philosophy.

To learn about our own conceptual (mind) abilities, is a Self-to-self higher education that is available to each of us – as we choose. We do not need a degree in political science, an MBA, the title of President, Prime Minister, Queen, King, Lord, Holiness, or any other special designation, to learn about our own nature and reality of creative power. We do not need anyone’s permission or approval but our own, to begin to learn about our Self-to-self, inside-out, relational nature, as our amazing power of choice. We do not need to prove the error of our current power-concepts any further, before we begin to learn and understand our psychic-spiritual nature as the power of our own choices; as the power which forges humanity’s evolutionary path, forward or backward.

Unless we choose to learn to thrive, we will not survive.

Unless we are involved in life’s learning about how we create, we are not effectively choosing what we will create. To choose to learn to create a new conceptual framework of integrated mutuality, as a philosophy that actively supports our universal human nature of creative life-power, is to choose life.

This is the Speaker Material Self-to-self thesis.

If we’re ever in doubt that the nature of reality is a mental-energy pattern of relatedness, we need only look squarely, fearlessly at the reality that our current concepts are currently creating, as the product of our current philosophies and knowledge.

In writing this, I am presuming that most people will be able to see the connection between the world’s current financial woes and the thinking-paths (concepts) used by the people who made the choices that created these events. If we keep dropping our baskets we’ll keep breaking our eggs; and if we keep putting all of our eggs in one broken basket …

Our learn-ability about our create-ability, is our real wealth.

Wishing each of us this continued wealth,

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