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"...wonder loudly, question why..."

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"...wonder loudly, question why..."
PostPosted: November 2nd, 2008, 6:50 pm
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Hello Everyone,

This is a quote from a performance group newsletter I just received, about an upcoming skills workshop. (, “Research over the last 20 years suggests that less than 5% of people will achieve their goals in life.” Another quote from this newsletter is, “Regardless of professional aspirations, individual desires, or personal ambitions, continuous learning, training, and development are the spark that turns goals into reality.”

These sorts of comments always remind me why I keep working at my job of inward “listening”. The relevancy and value of Self-to-self Life Study (even in today’s world), informs the daily experiences of all of us, as we are each reaching for success, trying to achieve our goals in life.

That spark of learning and development that produces our success into our reality begins with our choice of personal inward engagement. Our mind’s active engagement, as the agency that moves our energy from the purely internal arena out into the dynamic of our active living, is an experience that is more than only our conscious thinking. To bring-into-being (manifest, create, produce), without the realization of our inspiriting nature that embraces our psychic-spiritual identity, is to continue to create by default – through neglect, by our own camouflaged inward inaction.

No matter how unseen, the learning and development that turns our goals into reality, is always going on within our private Self-to-self relationship, for each of us. Speaker Material begins with this premise that the essence of our existence is the ceaseless sparking of the mind’s energy – our constant Self-to-self learning and development; however aware or unaware we are of this. We are our own evidence of this truth, for few of us seriously believe we haven't learned something about something over our years of living - whether we've done so via clearly deliberate effort or not so clear consequence.

If only 5% of us will achieve our goals, then only 5% of us are actively engaged in our own aware Self-to-self creating processes – and each of us has the life that shows us where we fit into this proposition. More than this, each of us has the life that personally demonstrates how to create our own success through our own Self-to-self learning.

Speaker Material’s view is that by virtue of being alive, each of us has an inherent and primal life goal that underlies and over-arcs all of our individually unique self-specified life goals. (And I don’t believe that this intrinsic life goal is simply “to be happy” – our happiness is an inevitable byproduct of our successful Self-to-self achieving. For more about life’s inbuilt goal, read the introductory Speaker Material on this site )

If 95% of us experience being unsuccessful at reaching our goals in life, then understanding why that is, becomes hugely relevant. To ask ourselves why the idea of learning about our own nature is often viewed in so many negative, depreciating, dismissive, and derisive ways, is a very dangerous question. Such questioning unmasks the motives and methods that produce and perpetuate our experiences into our reality.

Until we answer the question of why our own understanding about our own nature of creativity is not considered our life’s most important learning, the truth of our own creative power remains inaccessible to us. And without the truth of our own power-through-mind, we cannot use our own power of mind to create accurately – and nothing meaningfully changes for our world or ourselves; our goals, personal and public, remain thwarted and unfulfilled.

The danger in any critical questioning is that our answers hold the potential to produce fundamental, meaningful change. Very many current social, political, spiritual/religious and economic structures, will not survive this sort of challenge. The same is true on the level of our personal conceptual structures. Our immediate world’s financial crisis is a huge power struggle between various concerns and agencies as global consensus recognizes the need for elemental change in the world’s social-monetary systems if this world of human commerce is to survive in any operationally viable way. Similarly, if our personal conceptual structures, our inward systems of private valuing, are as corrupted as our social-global fiscal schemes and practices were, they too will require systemic change, if we are to survive.

Our human reality – expressions and experiences, situations or conditions, will always be manifest through the power of human mind. Our reality is “created” as people shape their thinking or specify and organize their concepts (beliefs, knowledge/education, ideologies, spirituality/religion, philosophies…) to direct their actions – individually and collectively.

This process is the same for each of us, including the people directly involved in the creation of this current global financial catastrophe. The actions taken can be directly traced back to the conceiving and conceptualizing (beliefs, knowledge, philosophies…) that shape the energy of mind, into action. It is not hard to see the value of understanding mind-power as both an individual and collective power of creation. It is not hard to see how understanding our own thinking processes, is valuable knowledge.

To ask why, of any event, occurrence, circumstance, is to ask what kind of thinking leads to the actions – choices, that produces them; and this can often help us better understand what is happening as we can see a more comprehensive picture. If we see how something specific has “come to be”, that allows us choose whether to reproduce it, or produce something different. Our choice is our power, and our power is in our ability to make choices. Understanding our ability, informs our skill. Understanding our errors, informs our success. Personally, I find this is positive thinking, not negative thinking!

At any rate, when we’re faced with the kind of unprecedented “buffeting” that the current world-wide conflicts and the economic roller-coaster is creating for so many people, a personal understanding of our own how’s and why’s that power our own decisions/choices, is a giant step toward bringing sanity back into at least the personal realms of our personal reality. Making sense of our own thinking-to-action choices helps us re-establishing our own sense of security and trust in ourselves and the choices we each continually make; which is where we first forge the creative blueprints for such sense as the hallmarks of mutually rational reality – private and public.

We each get to make our own choices – we each have our own portion of power – we each have a mind of our own; we each create, and we all create, and understanding the how’s and why’s, determines what we create. Self-to-self is our private bond of belief in ourselves as wise, skillful creators; and to trust in our own nature of intelligent, creative selfhood affords us the real wealth and security of our lives that is the real power of this world’s creator-ship.

A line in my poem “Peace Makers” asks us to “…follow down your inner pathways, wonder loudly, question why…”

Happy, successful learning and creating,


The Peace Makers poem is included in my Mystical Verses book, (currently in a second printing) which will soon be back on sale.

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