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This Quiet Revolution just got a little bit louder...

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This Quiet Revolution just got a little bit louder...
PostPosted: November 7th, 2008, 4:38 pm
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Hello Everyone.

This conversation can be read in its entirety here on our site, (under the Homepage heading “Conversations”, then clicking on the title: “Clothes Closets of Your Dreams”.)

These are the last paragraphs of that Conversation, which I translated on February 15, 1987:

“…Each member of this revolutionary council that is presently forming within your reality, will come to this cause of human hood’s enlightenment through the inner doorways of their own mind.

This is a quiet revolution. Indeed, so silent, so invisible that even those of you already embarked upon writing its agenda still sometimes believe that you hear only your own conversations.

This inward revolution has no need for revivalist hoopla. There is no need for psychological intimidation, or fundamentalist fervor. There is no need for leaders or followers. This is a revolution of individual consciousness. Its message is not some kind of threat. As the individuals that compose conventional social structures expand their personal consciousness, those solid shapes of mind will follow along of their own accord. As each individual recognizes the value of cooperative social framework within which every individual can grow to fulfillment, the institutionalized belief systems that support such a vision will surely arise as a natural result.

This new conceptual framework for your reality will support both cell and social structure alike. From within itself, such a framework will devise human society that will nurture the magnificent promise of each of its members based upon the joyous creative intent of human nature. This new system of thinking, this new conceptual paradigm, will be founded on values that allow each of its members to live in the grace of their loving source of self-and-Self, supporting that foundation for all of its members. Such a new pattern of consciousness’ realization (manifestation) will celebrate the true heritage of each of its members, as you each reside securely within your own nature of Self that is the (primal) creative individuation of All That Is.

The quiet revolution is well underway as each of you turns inward and seeks to know your own self in relationship to your Self.”

It amazes me, even today, to re-read this piece of Speaker Material; and that it is even more relevant in light of this weeks historical, US presidential election, reminds me of the privilege that learning through the Speaker Material has been throughout my life, and continues to be as my living experience. To grasp our own part in re-shaping our world, is to grasp our own power to create through choice.

Hooray for all of us!

Lots of Love,

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