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Off on another different-but-the-same, goose chase…

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Off on another different-but-the-same, goose chase…
PostPosted: August 25th, 2009, 3:43 pm
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Hello everyone,

This past week George and I have been quite captivated by a pair of Canada Geese that have nested on our upper pond and each morning march across our front lawn with their 6 little ones in tow, down to our lower pond. The other afternoon we watched mama goose sitting on the grass at the water’s edge in the pouring rain, while papa goose stood vigil as the little ones tromped around feeding. Then suddenly mama goose opened her wings and all six babies scrambled under her protective cover!

We also have iridescent-green-headed ducks looking for safe haven and regularly, noisily, splash-landing on both ponds. The ducks and the geese seem quite content to co-exist.

We are always in awe of such scenes – mindful of such privileged views. We spent many years working and living in various large cities across Canada and had neither the time nor the access to such sights. It never escapes me that life's focus is more about the daily ducks-and-geese-specifics of our individual experiences, while reality's focus is more about the pond of enspirited principles on which they swim; and together these focuses give us our life-reality.

Our life-reality is more than just words and ideas. Our understanding of this concept of individuated specifics related to our world generalities, is rooted in the firm ground of our experiences of psychic-spiritual human nature. To acknowledge there is difference between ducks-and-geese, and the pond, is to grasp that our personal lives tell the specific story that is our own private interpretation and meaningful explanation about the general encompassing truths of Life and Reality. The experiences of our self from our Self are “different, yet the same”, and our daily existence is the joining point or intersection of these two sorts of energy and power.

The fundamental concept of self-to-Self human identity acts as the core organizing mental-structure for all of our life’s learning. Self-to-self identity is like a mirror that reflects, magnifies, represents, and projects our inside-out pattern of creative nature. To practice identifying the one sort of externally faced perception from the other sort of internally faced perception, is a vital effort we make toward understanding our self-to-Self experiences as being a system of specified finite creation within another, more encompassing system of originating, infinite creation. Our own clear experiences of our mind’s movements between these two focus/concepts, helps us confirm for ourselves that life is about the intersecting multi-angles of our existence – about us, as the cohesive interface, the fused cross-point that is the truth of our multidimensional self-hood.

The truths we seek are not within the mentality of either-or differences, they are within the either-and mentality of our shared similarities. These ultimate truths we seek are within the mind-and-spirit-action of matching the principles we live by in our daily reality with their counterpart principles of the deeper reality of our unbounded self-and-Self hood. To learn a new method or technique, develop a new skill or ability, is literally to learn a different, inventive, inclusive, personal perception, as an added action of our existence. To distinguish the measured ducks-and-geese of everyday life from the timeless principles of reality that breed them, is to participate knowingly in life-and-reality learning drawn from the truths of each, as they are fused into our singular private existence.

The transformation of the figurative and illustrative into the literal and prosaic, is a literal conversion, an inside-out proposition of life’s experiences for each of us individually, and all of us collectively. None of us is exempt from this inhabiting energy-design, and the choice to learn is a choice to co-operate with our selves; it is a choice for peace rather than war, construction rather than destruction, enlightenment, rather than ignorance – deliberate truth rather than defaulted deception, on every scale. We can neither progress nor decline without eventually realizing that we are the power behind both! This one lesson is the beginning of our life’s learning – the first meeting between our self, and our Self; and the first conscious choice to support our elegant inheritance of power-through-knowledge.

One of my favorite Speaker Material quotes is “no one can make you (me) – and no one can stop you (me)”. The ducks and the geese are always free to fly away – and free to stay; the pond is always there, ready for them, as they choose.

Now, I’m going back to my binoculars, to focus more clearly on the daily antics of our goose family as they troll the further reaches of our ponds, and oh – I forgot to mention the sheer fun we’re having giving each one of the family individual names!


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