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Personal and Global revolution—who started this war anyway?!

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Personal and Global revolution—who started this war anyway?!
PostPosted: March 29th, 2011, 5:36 pm
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Hello everyone.

Assuredly, the issues of any country's war-and-peace struggles are complexly individual. From my own philosophical views, perhaps the entangled relationships between every nation and its own currently-revolting citizenry, including the individual Middle Eastern countries, can be seen as magnified examples of the complicated power struggles that arise in every sort of relationship. I believe there are common principles of relationship that can speak to the global challenges that every nation will eventually have to acknowledge, if they wish to effectively direct humanity's forward paths.

I’m especially interested in the impact of these issues on real people, because I have a friend in Egypt, and more than usual lately, our discussions have been stretching my thinking about the real, possible practical implications of Self-to-self learning. The current Middle East situations are a clear example of the traceable pathways for creating reality from the inside out; tracing individual concept, as it moves into collective ideological action, and then into the arenas of global, sociopolitical, interaction.

In any country, political revolution is actually only a first step to the kind of “real” revolution, which strives to re-design the social fabric of "real" people’s lives realistically. Everywhere, people are recognizing that for any new political structure to be accepted, it will have to grow up from the “a priori” common-law of human rights, as the ideological-social mandate of the people who spark revolution. Ultimately, the life-force of any government’s legitimacy, the ability of any regime’s political power to bind together the comprehensive diversities of every country’s sociopolitical fabric, depends on its mutualistic, socioeconomic heartbeat!

There are many who see the aftermath of any sort of revolution with starry-eyed hope, believing that they can invent legitimate authority as political legality, out of the smouldering ashes of social uprising; forgetting that it is inevitably the “cri de coeur” (heart’s cry) for social and economic justice, which lights the fuse of every revolution. The corrupt political-power regimes that grotesquely continue to struggle to derail mutual democratic reform for their citizens are under siege across all nations of this world. There are those involved in many struggles against political, social, economic, scientific, medical, educational, cultural, religious/psychological domination-power ploys, who fully understand reality’s human rights as a life-necessity.

If you’ve been reading the material on this site, either on this forum here, or at ( (click the article headings), you will surely be able to connect these dots of creative power. The Self-to-self understandings that underlie our personal, individual responsibility for the intimate reality we each privately create are the same understandings that uphold our social responsibility for our shared world reality that we collectively create.

To grasp the beginnings of our global equity-issues we need look no further than our own lives in our own countries. (The rallying call of feminism, that “the personal is political”, is still true). The world over, each country still struggles to fully implement women's socioeconomic equality, not just as a political matter, but as part of common-law human rights issues that all countries still squabble with. (Simply look at the current, readily available list ranking countries that consistently undervalue and underpay women's labour regardless of political endorsement. ... 6-1&ia=web)

To my mind, the legitimacy of any popular revolution (regardless of its social or political beginnings) arises from the grass-roots grasp of the unifying principle of equalitarian human rights for ALL citizens. Any understanding of human rights and freedom begins with the recognition of the global realities of patriarchy's primary injustice (in varying degrees) that denies women equal social-economic rights. This irrational domination is a power-identity problem that over-rides fact and intelligence at every turn.

This false, illogical conceptual view of human identity is the origin of religious sexism clothed in cultural and political ideology and steeped in centuries of historic fictionalization, that too often, still rules people’s lives. Patriarchy’s Self-to-self dishonesty to fact and motive (masquerading under many names), is the original corruption of the universal human truth about human power, and thereby a debasement of human identity. Fundamental Human Rights are by nature, equal rights.

Only such a revolutionary understanding of the roots that currently continue to grow (manifest) this unjust reality, can break the operational hold of sanity-slaughtering political regimes designed specifically to keep humankind blindly perpetuating these sorts of experienced, dominative, petrified power-paradigms.

Clarity of thought need not take generations to electrify into mass revolt against barbarity; truth has no timetable in the current culture of the World Wide Web’s open communication. The generational evolvement of human mind (and spirit) has been naturally progressing, with or without the corrupt, inherited, power-player's consent. Time alone can no longer sustain the manufactured, mass ignorance that once held the old guard of degenerate power in place. This is the real hope for a new reality for all people.

As women in every country define their equal rights by joining in humanity's struggles for sane and equitable world development, humanity will redefine itself both ideologically and operationally, from every layer of its learning, as its own growing Self-to-self knowledge. We each need to do our own learning in order to support rational revolution as both personal inward knowledge, and social global enlightenment. We each need to recognize that our own struggles, be they the individual revolutions that overthrow private, personal, tyrannical belief systems or the social-political revolutions of whole counties that strive to do the same, are rooted in the very same misidentification of human nature into domination-subordination power polarity definitions.

Regardless of any overarching characteristics that might seem to divide and separate us as the human family, the injustice of denying fundamental human rights to any people, spans every heart, to join us in the common struggle for freedom and dignity for all people. That effort begins within our individuated heart and mind, as each of us frees ourselves from the tyranny of our own contradictory irrational power-identity.

Pleading ignorance is fast becoming an illegitimate claim, as our world lurches toward increasingly dire circumstances in every direction; yet humanity’s collective hope is in our collective wisdom to change our own path—if we choose to. Rationality is a choice. Using one’s own intelligence is a choice. Learning is a choice. No one can make us, and no one can stop us. So in the Middle East, in China, in Africa, in our own back yards, in our homes, schools, churches, parliaments--who started this war anyway?

Best Regards,

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