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Our expressions of truth...

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Our expressions of truth...
PostPosted: June 13th, 2013, 4:09 pm
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Hi everyone,

Here is a post I'm sharing from my Mystical Verses - Self-to-self Facebook Page ... 098?ref=hl about the recent US government surveillance scandal. As always, the point from our Self-to-self view, is not about the see-able "ducks-and-geese-specifics" of this event; the point is about how this external "creation" originated from internal Self-to-self processes, projected out into our reality as a manifest event.

Mr. Edward Snowden makes some very pertinent points about the global "Time to Wake Up" Movement... (Which we believe is the precursor to the gathering "Time to Grow Up" Movement.) When we each begin to ask ourselves what values we hold, why, and how we support those values in our daily living, then understanding the knowledge about how we arrive at our choices, is crucial. Such understanding is our only power to actualize our values into the world, and this is indeed a personal, operating value in our daily lives.

When we realize that our personal, collective, and universal values are no longer simply an intellectual "understanding" that remains only in our "awareness", we begin to move from the "Information Age" into the "Age of Enlightenment". For, this realization is the key to actualizing the conceptual value of what our human enlightenment means. Truth in information, and truth as information, is not really what we are seeking. I believe we are each seeking the "skill" of our own power to understand, from our own inside, out. We are finally asking, "what does it mean", and how do we actualize, manifest, create, materialize our understanding of the meaning and value, of anything.

This Self-to-self process of learning is our energy circuit's completion of information-into-knowledge, into operationally meaningful life, as a principle of equal benefit to our private-and-public, and personal-and-collective life experiences. Mutual Aid, indeed. To participate in the inward, personal learning of Self-to-self education is to examine our purpose, our motives, intentions, aims, values, meanings, and all that our human identity encompasses. This learning triggers our challenge to understand ourselves, and directs our actions into more knowledge-full and meaning-full life experiences and expressions.

To engage ourselves in our own Self-to-self learning is a commitment to our personal values, as they represent, display, and enact the shared values of the Human Race. It is not "what" we think that empowers us; it is our personal grasp of "how" we think, as a replicable blueprint for all of our life-choices and creations--for the literal "realization" of our life's power. Our "higher education" begins with our enrollment in our own Self-to-self Life Study... You can start your learning with the Introduction Material at our Home Page "Conversations" tab...

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden comes forward - Expression of Truth
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden comes forward The source behind the leak of the top-secret NSA surveillanc

Happy Self-to-self exploring, :)

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