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The power of choice is the only power we really have...

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The power of choice is the only power we really have...
PostPosted: August 28th, 2016, 12:50 pm
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Since Self-to-self is a method of learning about our human power to create the invisible energy of Life Consciousness into the actualized human experiences of human-life existence through human consciousness, the principle for this process lies in our power of choice. Indeed, Life... is always about power, and our power of choice is the only power we really have... This is an often presented concept and Facebook meme that views our human power of choice in our lives, as the ultimate action and absolute human self-responsibility.

I recently posted this Facebook response below, to a meme that presented that idea of power on our Facebook Page...

The Self-to-self view is this:

indisputably, each of us is born into specific "existent" conditions, circumstances, and situations that are unequivocally, profoundly unequal in opportunity, which delimits resources and limits choice. And these existent conditions are generally, universally recognized as “good’ for life or “bad’ for life… the individual Human Being’s life, Humanity’s life and this planet’s Life. "Good" and "Bad" are Not, (as this meme might suggest) Only personal value-judgement perspectives, then.

the fact of Humankind’s already produced global reality of every kind of inequity, does not negate the individual, intimate, ultimate power-of-choice which is intrinsically born into our mind-spirit human nature which our individual existence actualizes into Life.

Existent inequities are Not the Only Power that determines any individual's life-meaning-and-value experiences, as their individual existence.
This fact is provable everywhere in our world, as people choose to strive... choosing to determine their own life paths and meaning beyond only the locus of external control and manufactured circumstances.

Without this truth, none of us would be trying to create a world of equal human rights and operationally choosable, fundamental opportunities available for all of us to individually, freely, choose from. Each of us constantly makes internal choices regardless, and beyond only the circumstances and restrictions of external limitations... beyond the external inequities that others have already chosen to actualize and perhaps choose to perpetuate.

The human power-of-choice cannot be obliterated; for it is the very essence of Humanity's Consciousness as its Life energy identity, and its power to create.
It is this individually in-born power of inward choice (and the ability to actualize choice), that is every Human Being’s nature, and Humankind’s sovereign inheritance.

So, the simplistic suggestion of either-or choice that this meme implies, as if that is the only possible understanding of our power-of-choice, is not the whole of the story of our life-power-choice possibilities... for any of us.

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