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My cri de coeur for learning...

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My cri de coeur for learning...
PostPosted: August 16th, 2019, 5:26 pm
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This post was written after reading this article: or the link is also found, shared in my Facebookpost

Congratulations to you if you have read the introductory offerings of Speaker Material’s Self-to-self thesis, on our website… ...for you are ready to ask -- and answer -- from the unique perspective of your own inward work. You have opened the door into to your Selfhood’s nature –- into your own nature as a Self-to-self identity and a larger grasp of your own consciousness and reality. Please, don’t discredit your own learning and the enormous trials you have already overcome on your personal journey across the inward lands of Psyche and Spirit – no matter who tells you what! Nothing can take away your inward accomplishments that have gotten you to wherever you find yourself in this immediate here-now landscape of your life. Don’t let others insinuate their fears of inward discovery into “Your” hard earned self-and-Self knowledge; please don’t let others self limiting-understandings drag you backwards – for it is not possible to unlearn, or to decertify your own precious certitude about who you are within your new identity of fused and infused, Selfhood.

To be afraid of the path behind you, is to be afraid of the path ahead of you; and fear can no longer be the measure of the choices you make and the directions you take. Let the truth of your own efforts of fearless unfolding, be your proof of what lies ahead for you… you will not fall off the edge of some perceived flat world, limited by other’s fear and misbelief, distorted by other’s cognitive dissonance, unable to tell the facts from the fictions, brainwashed into blindly following other’s opinions and unquestioning obedience. The sovereignty and sacredness of your own life is no more and no less than that of anyone else. You are the keeper of your own council… the caretaker of your personal power to think, feel and choose the actions of your own agency of creative vision and view.

In the current world of constant discrediting, mindless misdirection, and camouflaged manipulation, do not give your power to learn and grow, away, unwittingly; do not be duped out of your own future, when you have finally understood its value to your life, and in the life of others who strive, beside you, forging forward to expand the human consciousness into its own survival as the choice for a more conscious evolution. Please, do not underestimate your efforts, your dreams your every step of success that stands you at this crossroads of your becoming… more than is known of, more than only today’s installment of Life and Reality.

Your potentiality… and that of Humanity, are waiting in the wings for each puzzle piece of personal learning to speak the story of Humankind’s possibilities into practical factual potency… as the “life and times” of new terms of being. Please, don’t dismiss your existence as only the empty or corrupt nature of physicality, devoid of its Self-and-self relationship and identity.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!
Thanks for being here-now.
Spinfo... Ruth
anyone who would like to reach me, leave me a message on my Mystical Verses self-to-self page, in comments under the link there for this post.

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