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Learning to "Stand Your Ground" and "Take Out the Garbage"..

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Learning to "Stand Your Ground" and "Take Out the Garbage"..
PostPosted: March 16th, 2020, 6:32 pm
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Hi All!

Here is the post I just put up on my Facebook personal Timeline:

NOTICE: to all our community of friends on both my personal FB account and my Mystical Verses - Self-to-self Page: --- I am currently locked out of my Mystical Verses Page -- prevented from posting or interacting with anyone on my Page. Facebook has taken this action not because I have broken any Facebook regulations -- but because I will not hand over a cell phone # to complete their required two-part authentication for my Page.

I have been in contact with our Ontario Privacy Commissioner and have put in an official complaint with Trust Arc about this issue. I'm disputing this FB policy for the right of everyone on any social media site to refuse to use any "authentication" requirement to provide cell phone access, when there are a many commonly accepted digital alternatives; including a landline telephone number and personal and business email address. Please let me know if you agree or disagree with this personal retaliation from Facebook when we refuse to put ourselves at risk anymore than is already happening all over social media sites.

I will post the ongoing results of my personal stand for all internet users not to be intimidated and bullied into compromising our rights to protect our personal privacy and safety. I will continue to do what I can to address this issue given the current well known information concerning cell phone tracking and fundamental lack of security across the the world wide web. Remember -- if we won't stand up for our own rights then we will continue to lose those rights -- as is seen happening continually across all sorts of life-venues. Thanks very much to my community for your continued support.

FYI: If you want to do a little research of your own... (Information/Privacy Commission and We all need to know our rights in order to protect our rights.
Please share this information and post, everywhere! United we stand -- in the spirit of mutually beneficial cooperation... and against bullying in every instance or personal, social and www interactions.
QUICK LINKS Learn about your access and privacy rights. Find help with your request for records. File an appeal. Access to Information; Access and correction; Filing an appeal; Frequently asked questions about the appeal process...
Individuals - IPC


The notion of a fundamental inalienable power of choice is a critical proposition about what kind of a human being we are/decide to be. Our thoughts, feeling, ideas, beliefs... and behaviours (initiated and reactive) actualize our choice of identity. I don't like conflict; yet we may have to deal with it in navigating our daily lives. Deciding what we can do in support of each of us to protect our freedoms to "Be Who We Are" may not be easy, but sometimes it is necessary... in my humble opinion.

Let's all keep at our "Life-Is-Learning"!

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