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Of purpose, or none...

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Of purpose, or none...
PostPosted: March 31st, 2020, 5:59 pm
User avatarJoined: May 13th, 2005, 4:16 pmPosts: 121Location: Guelph area, Ontario, Canada
Hello again everyone!

Thank You for your time and effort to Be, Here. Now. This is so especially a gift of Self-to-self connection, to each of us from each of us, in this time of global disease and dis-ease in all its experiences and meanings for each of us and all of us. As we may be choosing our own perspectives on sharing and caring as we're discovering and re-discovering the personal values of our connections-relationships with each other, we might find the questions of purpose -- or none a more current and relevant idea than usual in our experiences, as we deal with this world-wide Coronavirus Pandemic.

We can speak and theorize about the concepts of a Shift of consciousness, yet what we experience of such ideas becomes paramount to our conscious creating, clearly focused through our active outcomes of personal choice. As our inward and physical realities of personal and collective life collide on unprecedented scale, we will each be spark and witness to our human power-of-choice in creating reality in our own unique ways.

Some of us will choose a lens of purpose to view these events through, and some will choose a lens of no purpose, to view these events through. In that, we can each see with clarity our own core beliefs... core beliefs being what we choose to believe about Life and Reality, and about their possible meaning, and inherent purpose and value; or if we choose to believe there is none, as if there is only inherent nothingness in all that is. From this, as our choice of a core conceptual paradigm, we shape our actions honed through our own lens, of purpose, or none.

If by chance you've not yet discovered this view of Self-to-self purpose and choice, I'm re-posting it here in hope of helping all of us find, from our own perhaps muddled and distressed experiences of what is going on within us and going on in the world around us some perspective of Self-to-self certitude and sense, solace and peace... be that purpose, or none.

Re-post of the end section of
Surely I'm not the only Psychic Refugee in the universe?!
Posted: August 1st, 2005, 2:17 pm as: Another angle to being a psychic refugee...
Posted: June 27th, 2006, 1:48 am
(Joined: May 13th, 2005, 4:16 pmPosts: Location: Guelph area, Ontario, Canada)

... In considering what it means to be a psychic refugee, there is another spin to this idea that some people might resonate to.

In offering the Listeners' Post, there was an underlying intention to create a place on the internet for those of us who are fleeing from the proliferation of psychic-spiritual theories that seem only interested in gathering new devotees to their own particular brand of beliefs. This space is meant for "psychic realists" - those who are fleeing from the contradictions, the "ego-ship", the sophistry, the emotional and psychological intimidation, the profusion and confusion of every sort of new-ageism offering to save us, cure us, think for us, believe for us, define us and ultimately create for us. This site was created for those ready to honestly take on the effort of truth - for themselves.

The Listeners' Post, as a part of the Self-to-self web site that grew out of the The Speaker Material, is about enabling the individual to effectively examine, question, reason - choose and enact rationally, for themselves. To be a psychic refugee, might well mean to be someone who is fleeing from the fanaticism of pseudo-spiritual psychic idealism run amuck.

This corner of cyberspace is intended for those of us looking for our own answers - not those of someone else. Perhaps to find ourselves at this here-and-now is to name ourselves as a "psychic refugee" - for we have each come from very many other ultimately inhospitable places, in search of our own home of selfhood. The Speaker Material often remarks "...don't take our word it... ask your Self...", and it is to this end of learning, that this site was created.


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