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We learn by sharing...

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We learn by sharing...
PostPosted: May 12th, 2020, 6:39 pm
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Hello Everyone! :)

Much of my own personal inward experiences are reflected in this linked article about facing our own death; (in this case in this video, that is this scientist's personal experiences with Covid19). While we each have to decide what conclusions and direction such experiences will lead us to as the choices we will make about how we personally might understand such frightful life events, still, there is value in sharing our new perspectives with others, as this person has done here… ... h-covid-19

Indeed, such life-threatening experiences do change us profoundly, and our most meaningful response is within our choice to embrace and explore these newly opened paths of the relationship between consciousness and materiality -- between the conscious life-energy and the manifest power of human nature's physicality that together make us human. We each have the choice to create a new life-paradigm for ourselves; the choice to restore our relationship between universal life-energy and specified human-life's power as the bridge that joins and defines our Nature, into our relationship to our created reality. Each of us holds this individual life-energy and uses this bridge of personal choice to direct our own adaptability, into the evolution of consciousness, and then through the evolution of human world and humanity’s future.

We are the architects of such redesigning and re-defining of ourselves as any specific “sort” of relationship between our own undisputed life-energy and its original, sovereign, life-power. Beyond the centuries of manipulated decrees and meanings of “Human Nature”, the freedom to decide for our self precisely what that nature actually is, lies within each of us as an inward, inviolable choice… an intimate decision, incapable of being violated; an incorruptible and unassailable power-of-choice. That which is within each of us to choose our own specific identification of who we are and what our own life may mean, is not within the power of anyone else… unless we give this power away, either unknowingly or knowingly. If we wish to reclaim it, no one can make us, and no one can stop us. Don't take my word for this... check for yourself. No one can actually be You, but you; and no one can define the changes in us that come from experiencing anything in life, but our selves... through our own private life's experiences.

Be well everyone!
Best Regards, Always!

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