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Self-to-self on Protests/Riots/Covid19/Governance & Politics

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Self-to-self on Protests/Riots/Covid19/Governance & Politics
PostPosted: June 2nd, 2020, 7:30 pm
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Hello Everyone! :idea:

This post is about the practical value of the Self-to-self learning methods as they relate to the protests, riots, Covid19 pandemic, and responsible governance and politics, as they are explosively intersecting in the US right now. Equally, this post is about confirming the Self-to-self practices related to our continual efforts of separating the Facts from the Fictions in our lives. Please, bear with this written discussion and then have a look at the video from New York, this afternoon…

This morning George and I had a lengthy impassioned discussion about the converging events happening across the US these last few days, because the US is our neighbour – and we care about our neighbours. The societal cyclone of developments engulfing our US friends right now is of great concern to us; and like most of the world, we share and understand such clashing challenges, confusions, outrages, fears, and distresses; we share in the woes, worries and struggles that are erupting in your country, as they are related to our own countries, and we are similarly embroiled in multiple layers of conflicting reality.

After so many years of Speaker Material’s Life-study learning, in our own private discussions George and I often begin by drawing together the fundamentals of our personal thinking, reasoning, and understanding, from depths of the Self-to-self informational framework. We each bring to the table of our personal discussions the life-learning of our own Self-to-self information as we’ve drawn the Self-to-self learning process from reading Speaker Material.

One of the things we were discussing this morning was what Speaker Material has to say about the many converging urgencies that are playing-out across the US. For us, this means using the framework of Speaker Material concepts and principles to begin separating out the specific issues under discussion; and then from this beginning, we can see how each issue is related in order to have a clear and meaningful exchange of relevant ideas. Speaker Material calls this method of organizing our information “DE-construction”, explained as pulling apart the overlapping issues/aspects we’re dealing with and then laying them on the mind’s table as separate conceptual pieces of the collective totality – as parts of the whole picture that we are trying to understand and have a conversation about. This is a “method” for our thinking that helps us grasp the “meaning” of the bigger picture we’re looking at by first demystifying and d-confusing our thinking, using this process of DE-construction and reconstruction. By first understanding the relationships between the components, we can fit them back together again into a new "bigger picture"... with a new understanding and new meaning.

This is an “action-of-mind” methodology that helps us separate the facts from the fictions of any sorts of enquiries we make. It is a mind-method – a learning plan that benefits our holistic understanding of anything we’re concerned about. This method of thinking dis-empowers our fears as we separate and answer our own questions from facts -- rather than be confused and muddled by fictions. When focusing the mind on our own clear questioning, our empowerment returns to us through developing our “clarity”; for most often, it is only our lack of clear methods of thinking, that are driving the bus of our overwhelmed systems of thoughts and feelings.

I hope that this information, on all fronts here, helps strengthen your equilibrium, and regain your balanced power and self-confidence to understand through your own expanded knowledge.

This video is such a heartening, powerful use and meaning of the practical principles of Self-and-self knowledge! Enjoy! ... U1p6g_%3A6

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