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A momento... A memory of another time: how long is long ago?

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A momento... A memory of another time: how long is long ago?
PostPosted: January 2nd, 2021, 9:49 pm
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This was written on Dec.22 but not finished until now...

Season's Greetings to everyone who is here-now!

In writing to friends (themselves grieving the loss of their friendship with my beautiful Love-of-my-life whom I lost this past August) I was reminded of another Christmas, and a gift, given me a long time ago...

Amidst my immediate grief and the many things spoken of in my email letter, was this reflection, as I was sending an especial Thank You to them for doing something to help me that was quite above and beyond... even for dear friends (aka my multitude of Angels).

I wrote...

" is quite wonderful to smile, thinking of each of you, and other friends, who are sharing their Christmas with loved ones, keeping the spirit of this special season alive.

So, Enjoy! And know our tomorrows will get better through the energy designs of All That Is (Consciousness); through the patterns of our own hopes and dreams, and the wonder of our own manifest individuation. Our tomorrows will get better through deciding how we will use our freedom and visible power of sovereign choice!..."

This is not a bad Christmas Speaker message to hear... it's another facet of this other, particular gift I once received, seemingly now, long ago...

While Self-to-self is not a religious point of view or philosophy, it is a wholly accessible, intimately participatory, deeply sacred point of view and philosophy about our "being human". For understanding the infinite reach and experienceable, relational-impact of our human power beyond only the human sphere of human life-energy, (think animals, Nature/plants, and all manner of Life presented to us in all manner of our daily experiences); the sacredness of Life Energy is a primary puzzle piece of Self-to-self identity.

In these times of pandemic that are depreciating human life and death, this notion of sacredness may seem to be falling by the wayside... becoming less and less consequential in the sheer numbers of lives lost to this current human scourge; becoming invisible and meaningless except through our intimate meanings of individual, personal value.

Yet it is precisely this point of Life-Energy sacredness that is at the heart of our ability to resist every sort of threat to human survival. And in this, it is not difficult to recognize the importance of this concept of sacredness to both our personal and our collective survival. For until we (personally and collectively) value Life in general, and our personal life in particular, we may not notice “Life” is under attack, under siege. Unless we value… unless we somehow invest in, care about, are concerned for anything we may not realize the need to take action; and we will do little to rescue ourselves or protect life, if we can’t even see there is a need to.

So I ask each of us celebrating now, to give a bit of thought to this concept of sacredness… as a concept larger than religiosity, larger than the fears and restrictions of the current health pandemic, and larger than only our personal beliefs in any personal expressions of Life-Energy. For after our celebrations are over, and after this pandemic fades, and even if we see ourselves within ideas of non-celebration or non-concern, it will still be paramount to our Human Race and our planet's survival to consider the universality of life-and-death within its’ inclusive perspectives, and not just our exclusive points of view. And our humanness and experiences of ourselves and of our planet will only survive through our own mutually inclusive life and death beliefs and certainties about what our conjoined "humanness" means.

Please, give thought to how you can personally support our human life-existence and survival, through the choices you make about your own thinking and beliefs. Support those causes that are for life -- everyone's life... ALL Life. Or our evolutionary path may well disappear into tomorrows' mists of Human existence squandered on mutual destruction because we fail to recognize the necessity of inclusiveness and mutual aid to our collective survival.

Self-to-self is an ancient and sacred identity, and we are each here-now because of other generations' choices to value, protect and support the universal humanness within each of us as shared Life Energy.

Happy New Year, 2021. May we each discover the meaning and value of Peace through the Love for Life-Energy, we each are as a mutually inclusive Self-and Self identity.

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