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Cannot find my path!

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Cannot find my path!
PostPosted: August 1st, 2006, 12:31 am
User avatarJoined: August 1st, 2006, 12:12 amPosts: 2Location: Ayr, U.K.
I feel, sorry, know I have to begin a difficult journey very soon that will see my-self involved in the world-peace-keeping task!
my higher-self has told me this, and since I have been given this message, I am severely struggling to establish that link again with my higher-self.
Could someone plz help and tell me of easier ways to still my mind of thought, I am beginning to feel anxiety due to this!

Many Thanx!


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"Hold fast to the silver thread for there is no letting..."
PostPosted: August 1st, 2006, 12:24 pm
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Hi Maitreya,

How very important your post is in reminding us all how the manifest macrocosmic world we all share is connected to the microcosmic internal world of our personal selfhood!

Instantly, your post brought to mind the last verse of the poem "Broken Bits of Grace" - for sometimes to look-into-our-heart helps us recognize that we are a piece of that grace of Self-to-selfhood - an amazing part of our deeper Self-reality that cannot come undone, for it is impossible to separate our self from our Self. Beyond our trepidation, no matter our uncertainty, our good Self cannot let go of us - nor we it; and that includes our entwined strength, wisdom and security that are the very fabric of our own Here-Now life-existence as a fused inward and outward Self-and-self.

I truly believe that none of us can ever really be without that inward knowledge of all-that-we-are as a Self-to-self identity. It is often only a matter of retracing our path of Self-to-self bonds backwards into that central core of our own Being. Such an effort to help ourselves can re-connect us to our own power-of-certainty and the inward fortitude that will help us through our hardest times.

To know, through intimate inward experience, that whatever we face we are supported by our own inward Self's power, shows us the wholeness, worth-and-meaning of our lives that is more than only our human self's thinking-understanding-feeling. Such an inward experience represents an amazing inward learning.

Our inner knowledge is not just a matter of "positive thinking" - nor is it only a matter of simply 'believing"; it is a matter of clearly linking our experiences to our choosing - clearly connecting those past experiences of our own life, with the decision - the choice to acknowledge our own best qualities and motives and abilities, as we have that evidence of living - when we go looking for it.

Faced with difficult action, it is easy to mislay our own inward knowing, which confirms our own safety as an inside-out comprehension. It is easy to misplace that sense of centered security that speaks our self-volition, even within the manifest world that can be less than safe to our human/self. Yet, to know that we live in a safe universe - to know that we are always safe, is always a part of our deeper Self-hood that allows us the courage to bring that knowledge from our inside experiences out, to help us as we participate in our outward-life challenges.

To join our own power of heart and mind and reach inward toward the power of our truest Self - this is a show of faith in our own grasp the totality of who we are and what we are about. Such reaching inward for strength is what allows us the matched strength to reach outwards to help other people. This inward knowledge is not a blind faith, but an enlightened faith in our Self; a choice made from weighing the facts and the fictions of our living, to arrive at a vision of our own power identity, through our own efforts to know ourselves as more than we have yet been. To trust our Self-and-self's power to help us through difficult times, is to still our quaking, quell our fears with real wisdom.

Maybe all I can do here is to offer you my own belief in your own good Self's power, strength, courage, knowledge and ability to purposefully succeed at what you are set about doing. To borrow anothers belief in us can help us stay our own hardest paths into an uncertain future; and I'd venture there are many of us who have drawn on the caring concern and support of others in these ways.

The inward struggles of each of us are linked outward as the struggles of all of us for peace, since peace comes from the inside out. To find our personal path to peace is to support the universal path for peace as the conjoined internal and external ideal we all strive for. We need our "Peace Keepers" for they are also our "Peace Makers" - and we are each learning to be both, manifesting peace from inward Self-design out into the world of political, economic, social and spiritual, operational designs for humanity. Your thoughts and feelings about your role of Peace-Keeping, and about how to "hold fast to the silver thread" of your inward Self's assistance, are welcomed here. Please, wherever you go and whatever you do in your future, keep us all posted here.

Take good care out there,


Have you looked at the post about opening the doors to self-to-Self listening ? (It is also under Life Applications, posted by another member) .

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PostPosted: August 1st, 2006, 1:53 pm
User avatarJoined: August 1st, 2006, 12:12 amPosts: 2Location: Ayr, U.K.
Thanks Spinfo for your quick response.
I know I may sound a bit ahead of myself, but I now know that the journey to begin to 'really' know your-self wont happen over night, but through time, patience and understanding I will discover how to achieve my calling!

Many thanks!


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