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The serendipity of "Spinfo"!

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The serendipity of "Spinfo"!
PostPosted: October 1st, 2005, 1:21 pm
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Hi everybody,

One day a friend asked me what my user name "Spinfo" means and how it originated. I jokingly ask her to take a guess. Lucky for me she guessed wrong – because in doing so she inspired this marvelous title for our Self-to-self newsletter – and "Spin Forward" was born! How apropos this idea is, since Speaker Material is always about "spinning us forward" into new realms of understanding! From all of us at, thank you very much Sandy Rousseau, of Cambridge, Ontario Canada. This is clever, creative, self-to-Self inspiration at its best!

The "spin" of personal understanding and intention that we each put on our learning, is precisely what Speaker Material is about. If our learning is helping us expand our awareness, giving us new information that enlarges our actual knowledge about a subject, then this process gives us our forward motion by giving us new, more informed choices for our future, forward actions. To give ourselves new choices about what we think, what we will believe, what our intentions and processes for learning are, and how we will "create" our exploration using new action, is to give ourselves freedom - the freedom to to follow a future, perhaps previously undreamed of.

Spinning forward is not about spinning away from our past, it is about spinning toward our future, determining the precise direction of our learning and growth - spinning us into more enlightened daily living!

Happy spinning forward everybody!

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