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How did you get here...

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How did you get here...
PostPosted: January 26th, 2008, 3:48 pm
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Hello to each new person who has arrived here!

It's an interesting game of speculation for me, to wonder how each of you got here - not what physical paths, but what inward byways, brought you here. To arrive at any particular door is always an opportunity to learn something about ourselves, as we can turn and look back to see the inclinations, desires, motives, expectations - all manner of reasons for all manner of choices, that lands us up at any particular doorway of life.

I love that people from such diverse places with such diverse reasons, somehow arrive at this precise doorway of new perspective, and are willing to "take a chance and join the dance" of exploring unknown inward territory. Each person who comes here, whether only to peek at what's behind this door, to become part of our regular readership, or to join our registered membership, avouches humanity's natural curiosity about ourselves.

To look at how we individually arrive anywhere, is to realize that our own reasoning is connected to the universal reasoning that results in humanity's arrival at any particular doorway-to-the future. Somewhere between personal reasoning, instinct, intuition, nature, and conscious knowledge and choice, our individual paths cross our global direction, to correspond with our collective reasoning. Our personal questions of "how did I get here?" reflect our collective questions about humanity's current realities, circumstances of world-order (and disorder), global events, concerns, and every form of interaction and intention, that often have collective humanity asking "how did we get here?"

So asking "how did I get here" is not a frivolous, idle speculation (on my part or your part), since it is often the precise choice that magically opens the door that we've arrived at. And when that is the door to self-knowledge as both personal and universal identity, and we realize that within our asking reside our answers, it's too late to stay standing on the doorstep - we've already taken that first step inside!

I'm so glad that so many of you continue to come here - no matter "how" you get here.


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