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Is it RRSP season around the world?

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Is it RRSP season around the world?
PostPosted: February 24th, 2008, 12:47 pm
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Hi, and welcome to everybody who's stopping by!

Here in Canada, it's RRSP season; it is approaching the deadline to contribute to a government Registered, Retirement, Savings Plan. In Speaker Material terms, I always think of this as the season to do an annual self-to-Self RRSP: a self-to-Self Real, Reality, Smart Plan. I look at this as filing my inward intentions for my years growth, into the general framework of self-to-Self learning. (I tied my plan to the other sort of RRSP to remind me "it's that time of year again!")

Having a specific date to organize your thinking into conscious, identified choices for what you'd like to learn more about in self-to-Self terms, helps set the general course of our inward growth. Part of the point of such a plan is to learn how to relate our outward experiences and spelled-out efforts, to our inward experiences of different sorts of efforts; that is, relating the Real Reality of our outward-faced self to the also Real Reality of our inward Self. These intentions help direct our personal evolution.

This is literally a Smart Plan because we do the thinking NOW, so that through-out the year we have some sense of what our daily experiences represent in terms of our learning and growth. (You know the experiences that have us asking "What's this about" or "what am I trying to learn from this"!)

If creating reality is about "giving shape and direction" to our experiences then an underlying plan is a necessity. I tied my Real Reality Smart Plan to our RRSP season, but you could just as easily tie it to your New Year's Resolutions list or any sort of annual event; for in a similar way, it is meant to remind us that we do have certain long-term objectives for our lives and they include our inward growth as much as our outward goals.

When we can make those objectives conscious to ourselves as general identifiable intentions for our learning, it saves us the continual questioning quandaries we sometimes get bogged down in; we already have some knowledge of what's afoot self-to-Self - or what our experiences are likely about. A much more empowering (and less stressful) position than un-knowing muddle!

So I hope this little note helps you to meet your own RRSP deadline - it is so worth doing a little Real Reality Smart Planning NOW for the creation of your every upcoming sunny day.


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