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What language do you listen in...

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What language do you listen in...
PostPosted: March 22nd, 2008, 10:56 am
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Hello and Welcome to all of our new readers and members!

No matter what language we speak, we all understand the meaning of certain common concepts and sentiments. As our readership and membership continues to grow, the languages of life that each new person who visits here uses to shape their thinking, brings an enriched energy of understanding to our pages.

Welcome is a universal understanding that reaches beyond any single language, and within that reach each language brings its own depth and colorations of embedded qualities. Speaker Material asks us to learn the language of universal selfhood, and celebrate the embedded qualities of the personal as they are fused within the framework of the universal. Self-to-self, all of us speak the same language, bringing to voice our individual perceptions and conceptions of living, on every scale. This is what allows all of us to communicate with each other, regardless of our differences, be they language, belief systems, or any distinctions of our individuality.

I must admit I envy (in a good way), those who speak more than one language, (my smattering of French doesn’t really count); and I always appreciate their patience and willingness to understand from the depths of our universality, as we try to communicate through our common grasp. Perhaps it is only to give what we receive, as I also try to practice this same attitude and belief when communicating with others, whether with inward or outward language.

In an almost inexplicable way, just as music, or art, or any of the very many articulations of creative essence does, Speaker Material helps us learn a new language – a universal tongue that speaks of universal truths that allows us to communicate with each other in spite of our myriad exteriorized individuated languages. The language of our universal human nature is infused with a respect and celebration of our own singular uniqueness within the Self-to-self identity of Listener-and-Speaker of life’s creative energy.

So to each person who comes here, I say welcome, from the multi-lingual perspectives of the Self-to-self nature that are within everyone’s listening and speaking capacity. That is why Speaker Material is presented as conversations, for the deeper language of heart and mind is spoken and heard as a discourse, which we each understand...

…like when we wish each other a “Happy spring”!

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