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Conversations Through the Window
  by Ruth Cunningham title image

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saw myself beyond the glass of time
I saw a certain self I thought was mine,
I tried to open time's tight windowed clasp
and reach that self
just there beyond my grasp.

I struggled with life's frame
beliefs hold and lock
then saw my hand break through
much to my shock!
I broke the glass
and reached right through
a thing I thought I could not do
I saw inside self's larger view
a place for me-- a place for you
a vision that contains the two
a sight for all -- not just some few
to match each secret to each clue
revealing both the false and true
and bind the self to Self anew
with bonds that cannot break, undo
unloose or weaken
or unglue.

A conversation then ensued
self-to-Self in solitude,
I questioned what my heart pursued
and found its what we each include
no hiding from the facts
no fear allowed intrude
no misinterpretations
in ignorance misconstrued,
for every self can hear its Self
in private interlude
and not a single self
will Self exclude!

I met my Self
and then I knew
it's what we each
are meant to do
It's up to all
to each review
and paint life's canvas
and by choice imbue
ourselves -- our world
to renew.