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  by Ruth Cunningham title image

ast upon the heart is fastened
every truth and every aim,
yours to seek and yours to honour
yours the effort, yours the gain.

Tight as if some mantle clinging,
skin's smooth surface holding in
every note of your clear singing
through mind's crackling static din.

In some day of exhumation
hard upon the brittle facts
you will write your own summation
of your life's most common tasks.

On some day of grand redeeming
you will choose us for your own
knowing then in awed ascension
what your Self has always known.

In this now of never ending
as you tend your day's bright bloom,
is this present we are sending
through your fragrant afternoon.

Merged in mind this moment twinkles
in the blue of brain's bright eye
THIS the day of such redemption
claps like thunder through time's sky.

THIS the day of everlasting
THIS the moment of your grasp
this ecstatic exaltation
answer to what you have asked.

NOW the day of excavation
this the task of every soul
to discover its creation,
this the truth you each extol.

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Mind's imploding -- self's elation
showering bursts of shooting stars,
this instant of emancipation
aim of yours and hope of ours.

In this blinking burst of brilliance
myth explodes its diamond core
opening forth a billion brainways --
future's facets to explore.

Spewing shards of shattered concept --
shiny chips of glassy dreams
sudden cracks such true conversion
tearing through time's tight stitched seams.

Our million mirrored smiles are breaking --
spreading out across time's face,
reaching out to share this thralled
enlightenment of human race.

Your million mirrored smiles are spreading
reaching forth to finally claim
your reflection -- our clear image --
seen at last to be the same.